Thursday, June 21, 2018

Camp Invention @InventorsHOF

I so excited about the first camp we signed Isaak up for. It's called Camp Invention. 

From their website: Camp Invention is one week in the summer where your child’s creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills are challenged and developed in fun and exciting ways. Our top priority is to inspire future innovators and build their confidence in the natural ability to dream and create.

We were sent an email to save things we would typically throw away/recycle. We saved paper towel rolls, caps, plastic, meat trays and more.

Anytime a child of mine is in a new camp I get nervous. What if he doesn't fit in? What if he gets scared that Mica isn't with him? What if he gets lost? What if it becomes a hassle to get him there, and pick him up?

Dropping him off was so easy! They literally had a staff member waiting outside the door to get him. The camp didn't start until 8, but they'd let you drop them off as early as 7:30. I never was late to work.

Isaak walked in with wide eyes. There was stuff everywhere that kids could use to build things. Some stuff the staff already had. Then kids would add to it. There were robotic dogs, and Isaak had to add fur, and he choose to make it a collar and chain.

They gave him sticky hands to fling on the wall to try and get paper down that were taped to it. 

They had obstacle courses where the had to do this or that, and at the end had to take apart a toy with a screw driver. 

They learned about batteries and lights. 

I think Isaak was a little bummed when it was all over. 

It was a first sign-up, first get into kind of camp. I'm glad we hopped on it! 

One of the best parts is it was free. I also loved that it was at a middle school, so Isaak got a feeling of what that's like. It was at Alice Buffett Middle School. Alice Buffett is the daughter of Warren Buffett, if you've heard that name. They get a lot of donations at Alice Buffett, and would love if Isaak could get in there. We'll see, it's kind of hard to get into it. 

Are your kid(s) in any camps? Mica's getting a little old for camp, but we have the boys registered for a science camp and an outdoor camp.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Sounds like such a fun camp! It's cool that they are encouraging our future builders there. I'm glad to hear he loved it!

Harry Flashman said...

When I was a kid, my parents always sent us to Camp Arcade up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, for a week at a time. Once I tried to capture a chipmunk and it bit me, caused a big too do. There was a lake there, I remember that. I think camp is a good experience for kids. Helps them to learn to be self sufficient.

~ Noelle said...

Wish there was stuff like that down here. The few camps are like 9-12 & cost a huge chunk of money

Terra Heck said...

What a neat camp! Sounds like it was fun and interactive.
I signed my granddaughter up for church camp (Sounds weird to say that since she's 11 and only became my granddaughter in October.) It cost a ton of money but she's never been away to camp and I think she'll like it.

mail4rosey said...

That does sound like a super fun camp. It's great that you weren't late to work too.


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