Monday, August 27, 2018

An Emotional Kind of Weekend

When emotions run high I kind of wish I wasn't the only girl. I wouldn't say I'm a cry baby, but there are time where certain things just hit me hard.

We started going through my Grandpa's house. He's 92. There's a few things that lead to my Mom and Aunts putting him in a home. He kept falling. Thankfully he hasn't broken any bones, but he's bruised himself a lot. He keeps getting bladder infections. My Mom thinks that he has one constant bladder infection that never gets cured fully; it just keeps coming back. With older people bladder infections can be bad! He gets high fevers and with that comes visions of cats coming out of the ceiling. Scary stuff for sure.

I had a hard time going through his stuff. He knows we were doing it. Possibly that made it even harder?

I took photos of some of the things we took home.

Welcome Dala Horse

My Grandma (passed away when Isaak was 4, now he's 10) for the most was all Swedish. Mica spotted this horse in their China cabinet, and wondered if I wanted it. He said, "It's a Mexican horse Mom. It would go well in our kitchen."

He's right it does go well in our kitchen. He's not right about it being Mexican. People quickly told me that on social media channels. It's a Swedish Horse called, Dalecarlian Horse or "Dala Horse". It was one of the first toys Swedish children had made for them.

Grandpa's Old Suitcase 

My Dad was cleaning out Grandpa Kent's attic. He pulled down this old suitcase that I quickly claimed. 

My Aunt Becky started telling me stories about things I took. I told my sister Terra, "I don't know if I should take that." She said, "Why?" I said, "I just feel like it belongs to someone more important than me. The story it pretty powerful." She said, "Take it. She wants you to know the story behind these things." 

Grandpa Kent made this wooden suit case and this is what he carried his belongings in, while in the Navy during WWII.

The suitcase is just as important to me as a thing I got from Grandpa years ago. I saw a card catalog table in his garage, and asked him what he does with it? He said, "I just store nuts and bolts in that old thing." I said, "I'll fix it up, and use it in my living room." So he let me have it. I use it!

Every Lady Needs a Button Tin

I don't know that I really need a button tin. But my Aunt Becky was saying I should take it to make things. I took it. All the buttons were on their original paper. I had the boys help me take them off. It saved about 1/2 the space! Now I have room to add buttons I already had of my own.

Time to Read Mica

Mica is a reader! I saw this old book and said, "Mica that's what you should take. You'll always have something to read!" It's a super thick book with a ton of information inside it!

Grandma's Costume Jewelry 

Isaak was in the back with my cousin Stacy's daughter Samantha for a long time. 

What were they doing? Going through Grandma's jewelry. I surprised it's still there. Grandma's been passed away for about 6 years now. Isaak was obsessed with the rings, and Samantha loved the necklaces. All costume jewelry, but treasured for sure. 

I walked into this:

Then I got a text message, while I was at home asking if Isaak took some rings he didn't get permission to take. He did. In his defense my Aunt Becky kept saying, "Take it." 

Car Ride Home

We took some other things. Isaak got a donation box (probably from a church), a pocket knife, and some different noise makers. Mica didn't take a lot. Travis got tools and a big drill press. 

Isaak said, "Wow that suit case is old Mom!" I said, "Yep your Great Grandpa Kent made it." He said, "Really? I didn't know he knew how to make things!" I said, "He made a lot of things Isaak. That big Grandfather Clock in his living room he made himself." Isaak's eyes got bigger than they already are and he said, "Really!?" I said, "Really." Then I cried. I didn't even know why I was crying exactly. 

Bain Tumor

I didn't want to start this post out with this. I guess that's why I called it, "An Emotional Kind of Weekend". 

I got a message from A friend. Mica was in the Spelling Bee a few years ago. The last two left was Mica and one of his good friends. 

It was always crazy because his friend was so much shorter than Mica. He had fine hair as well. His sister was always in Isaak's class. His Dad helped at the school as a para for a year. I use passed tense because this was elementary, and they've both moved on to middle school. Our whole family is friends. We get together for game nights, and have meals. They come to birthday parties.

There's a reason why the boy was always shorter than Mica. He got in a simple bike accident over the summer. He was complaining about not being able to see well. One appointment lead to another. It turns out he has a brain tumor. It's hitting against his pituitary gland. His growth and was stunted. He has to get surgery early September. I couldn't stop crying when I read all this!

I offered to cook for them, or take in the sister that's Isaak's age when he has surgery. I don't know what else I can do. I wish I was John Coffeey from The Green Mile that could take away the tumor, and make it all better!

What's an emotional thing that's been going on in your life? Do you ever have a wave of emotion hit you? 


jjmon2012 said...

Memories oh yes! I have my aunts button box or can with so many buttons. Some of them were military buttons from navy/army etc and all metal. I made bracelets using those buttons and gave them to friends and family. My mother is 88 and still has a apartment, got rid of her about 10 years ago. Thank God! Had a yard sale of all the things kids etc didn't want in 2 days we made $1800. I have special things that I got from my aunts that I am now passing on to my nieces.

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's lovely that you got to take home some treasured items from your grandparents. I really like the Swedish horse. As for family treasures, I usually just ask for photos. Maybe I'm weird, but I am not a fan of having someone else's stuff sitting in storage in my home. Even when my dad died, I didn't take any of his stuff, though people kept trying to give me his lighter or blankets or whatnot. My mom has been selling off most of her stuff and not accumulating more because she knows it will fall on my shoulders to deal with it all when she's gone. She has a few things marked for my nephew, brother and sister specifically, so I told her that after they get what is theirs, I'm just leaving the door open and letting the rest of the vulture family come in and grab what they want.

I am saddened to hear about Mica's friend. I hope surgery is a success. That is so nice of you to offer to help out. I just heard about a volunteer meal service we have locally (maybe national too?) that you can donate a meal to a family in need. We have a high school student have his cancer come back, so everyone is signing up to take the family a meal on the days they can't cook due to his schedule/treatment. I love this kind of program and will be signing up to donate a meal to them soon.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I found the link. It's called

An Apel a Day said...

I mentioned to the family. They have extra family coming to spend time helping out. I still said that that I'm open to supplying a home cooked meal, or gift card to a place to eat. Maybe Panera, since it's right by the hospital.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I imagine they would be much appreciative of either the home cooked meal or Panera. It will surely take a little stress off their shoulders, even if it's just for one meal.

mail4rosey said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the boy and your grandfather. :( I think it's wonderful you volunteered to help somehow. I hope that surgery goes so well and I hope your grandpa is safe, peaceful and content in his new place. Big hugs to you too.


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