Monday, September 24, 2018

Dr. Benjamin Rush Natural Whole Food Multivitamin Review

Dr. Benjamin Rush Natural Whole Food Multivitamin is great for men and women! 

Right now I'm outnumbered with boys, so they'll be taking most of these. I like that I don't have to switch bottles from Women's Vitamins to Men's Vitamins. We take a daily vitamin, and I review them any chance I get to save money.

Our kids are ok with gummy pills, or pills they swallow.

When to Switch Kids From Kid's Vitamins to Adult Vitamins:

I never really knew the answer to this. None of the bottles really say when to switch from kids to adults. Our boy's doctor said, "Around the age they start going through puberty." When you think about it, that's the time they grow a lot, need more, and are as tall as some adults. We switched our boys when they were 10.

Allergies to Colds:

It's hard to stay healthy this time of year. Allergy season is in full swing. Often times when the weather starts switching there's more colds floating around. I want my family to stay healthy! Two weeks ago Isaak got his first cold, then I had it last week. I still feel like my ears are plugged, I'm wheezy in the morning and at night. It was a few days in on the cold before I declared myself sick, and not just suffering from allergies.

I love that these vitamins have probiotics and digestive enzymes in them. I wish I would have gotten the vitamins a month ago. Maybe they would of helped prevent us from getting sick.

Perks About Dr. Benjamin Rush Natural Whole Food Multivitamin:

They are made in the USA! That's not something we can say about every product sold here.

They are sugar-free! I don't know if I can say the same thing about the gummy vitamins.

They are made for Vegetarians and are also gluten free.


There's 90 in a bottle. I do think like many bottles they could have packaged them in a smaller one. There was a lot of empty space in there. Another option could be to fill it up more, and move the price up.

You are supposed to take 3 a day. I just won't do that. We eat a pretty balanced diet, so 1 a day is all we'll take. I really start to feel like an old person when I take multiple pills a day.

Where to Get Them:

You can get them on Amazon for $24.95. They are not on Prime, but shipped fast to me! You can purchase them, for a save and subscribe to get them for $23.70. I have to be honest I've never done a subscription with anything on Amazon, so I don't know how it works exactly.

Pick them up here:

Do you take a daily vitamin?

Disclaimer: I got these vitamins for free in exchange for an honest review. The company did not tell me what to say. I only review products that are great for my family, or will benefit my readers.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I also only take 1 mulitvitamin a day because I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I feel I get a lot of my nutritional needs met through food, so one vitamin to give me that extra boost seems like plenty. These do sound wonderful! I like that they are US made.

indah nuria said...

This is a good booster, especially as winter is coming. For us here in Indonesia, you also want to be fit against the soaring sun :)


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