Friday, October 26, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak's conferences went way better than we thought they would. His teacher says the thing she wants him to work on the most is worrying less. Isaak's one of the only kids that got an A in Math. The school district is trying to grade as they actually should be at. A (C) is average, and many kids weren't getting (C's). Isaak got 2 (B's) and all the rest (A's). 

  2. Isaak doesn't like the fact that there are quite a bit of punk kids in his class. Teacher's always sit one punk by him. That way they are spaced out throughout the classroom. Isaak needs to learn some tolerance. Ideally he'd do great if he was around working kids that are kind. That's not the reality. He's be a good candidate for home schooling, but we work, and he's also a people person. 

  3. The whole pipe bombing thing reminds me of something that would be in the show American Horror Story.  I just wonder what got some of us to the point where we can't coexist? 

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  5. We get to go to The Rose Theater tonight to watch Goosebumps. That will be fun! The boys know nothing about it. 

  6. Are you ready for Halloween? Do you dress up? I think many are passed dressing up when they become adults. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

The Goosebumps show should be fun! I don't dress up anymore since it's so cold here. I'm passing out candy so I'll be bundled up while I stand outside waiting for all of our neighborhood kids to come by. Congrats on Isaak's great conference and grades!

~ Noelle said...

How fun to go see Goosebumps play! Kids LOVE the movies ;)

Glad to hear Isaak is doing so well in school, Broxton is having a pretty good year, but struggles with one of the teachers.


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