Sunday, December 9, 2018

#Hapree 48 Mechanical Pencil Set Review

This time of year I'm always on the look out for little gifts.

Mica came up to me today to say, "Mom I need to go shopping today to get a gift for a classmate. We're doing Secret Santa gifts."

Then there's the gifts for teachers, stocking stuffers, Elf of the Shelf brings little things, and gifts for coworkers.

Mica's secret friend had on her list of wants: School Supplies.

We're getting Isaak's teacher school supplies as well.

It's great that #Hapree has a 48 Mechanical Pencil Set. I can give one set to Mica's secret friend, and the other set to Isaak's teacher. Both gifts will be paired up with other things.

We got Mica's secret friend some chapstick, hand sanitizer, gum, a box of little colored pencils, pens, and a bag that had a {K} on it - for her name to put it all in. Everything was fairly inexpensive. It will be great to add some pencils in there as well.

About Hapree Mechanical Pencils:

The pencils have a fun ruler down the side. Each pencil lead is 0.7 mm medium point, has an eraser with a clip if you are a person that clips them to a font pocket. I'm more of a stick the pencil in my ear, and forget about it kind of person.

The colors:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow 
  • Teal 


Both sets came with extra leads.

Where to Get Hapree Pencils:

You can get them on Amazon for $14.99. Pick them up here:

Save 10%:

Get 10% off by going to

Use the Code: 8WT35J34

What's a little gift have you gotten this year?

Disclaimer: I got this product for free, or a discounted price in order to help with this review. I'm  only review things I think my friends, family or readers will find helpful. All opinions are my own.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Both Mariah and Allison insist on using mechanical pencils. I think they would love these!

Mandy said...

Are you certain this Secret Santa and not a girlfriend? lol.

I got the kids I babysit (3 and 4) some $10 blankets from Costco. I got the youngest (12 mos) a set of 24 baby animal books from Amazon for $12.

When I was checking out at Amazon, I saw a promotion for $5 off of $20 in books, so I bought myself a book too. :)

An Apel a Day said...

@Mandy It isn't a girlfriend, but certainly a friend of a girl he likes. He thinks his reputation is in jeopardy over this Secret Santa Gift. That and he's never participated in a Secret Santa or White Elephant ever. The unknown maybe makes him uneasy.

Ai Sakura said...

Oh how cute! I like mechanical pencils as they always keep "sharp" hehe

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

mail4rosey said...

Mechanicals are all the rage in our classrooms at school. Kids think those are as delightful as candy.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

My kids will love these, Alissa! Bo and Obi do love mechanical pencils. They are too lazy to sharpen the regular ones LOL


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