Sunday, December 16, 2018

Our Meeting With the Principal and Teacher Went Really Good!

I didn't want to leave my readers the meeting with Isaak's Principal and teacher went really good!

We didn’t go in attacking anyone. I was afraid I would cry, and didn't. It was great we had everything written down, so we didn't forget things.

We do know Isaak has filled his own plate too full. Two things in particular are towards the end of his school day: Chorus and Student Council. Student Council doesn't happen all the time. But they have meetings, and rotate with taking care of recyclables. When those things happen Isaak has to hurry to go to Safety Patrol. Then he can't get back in his classroom to get his homework. He sometimes misses the end of the day announcements. He may drop one. He’s a people pleaser, so that might be hard.

He tanked a test, so we talked about that. He’s usually great with math, but word problems get him. He’s to practice online. The teacher is going to be more informative on when tests will happen. Right now we only know the day before. If he doesn’t have his math book with him, then we can’t help him. He didn’t know what deposit or withdrawal meant, so vocabulary talk before tests. Other kids struggled with that too.

It turns out because Isaak’s a people pleaser, he does too much homework. She’ll give him every other problem, and he does all of them. He thinks he’s being ultra good by doing that.

I talked to the teacher about delivery. Like instead of saying, “You have 14 pages of fun work to do by next week, or you don’t get to watch movies with the rest of the class.” Say, “You have to do 2 pages a day out of this packet, for a week.”

The Principal will be meeting with him to talk to him about his thoughts. He knows who Isaak is, but has never really had to get to KNOW him because he's a good student that pretty much stays out of trouble. The Principal wants to get to know Isaak more.

We have a follow up meeting in January.

I do think the teacher is hanging onto busy work too much. She loves these sheets that has a big scrambled up long word, and the kids have to make shorter words out of the letters. Then there's another side that has synonyms on it. I suggested to keep doing them, but also having reading with questions that go with a book of of their choice. I don’t know that, that will happen.

I guess they are having more recess time, but Isaak didn’t think so.

The Principal thinks Isaak is too tuned into others emotions, which their are some bad apples in the class. He’s also full of empathy, so that will be hard to overcome.

I made it clear that this is our first year with problems. It’s not 1 person’s fault, but we have to work with one another to figure out why he’s struggling.

The view of it seems that he filled his own plate too full, and for some reason hasn't connected well with this teacher.

One thing is great: Isaak's teacher has gotten him to work faster. That's always been a struggle. He's just a slow poke. His teacher last year tried using a timer, and that sort of worked. His big eyes kept glancing at the timer. She shows the class a photo on a screen, puts it up for a certain period of time, turns it off, and makes them write down all they can about the photo. It's cut his test taking time down a lot! He still tests well. 


~ Noelle said...

Glad that the meeting went well! I was thinking about meeting with one of Broxton's teachers, but he didn't want me to do that... luckily, I was able to talk to another teacher and that teacher is going to talk to the one I wanted to talk to!
Childhood is tough!

mail4rosey said...

I am glad the meeting went well. My son's teacher is very young this year and it makes a difference in so many ways. Some good, some meh. ;)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad to hear of your successful meeting. Let's hope the momentum continues and Isaak finishes strong this school year!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

happy to hear the meeting went well..We are also adjusting a lot with my kids as we move here and we meet their teachers frequently to check things out. All the best for all our kids..and us as well


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