Friday, December 21, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. It took me 30 minutes to clean 1 dry eraser board in my first year classroom. I called to leave boss man a message, "Hello! :) I think it may be time to change out the dry eraser boards. It's taken me way to long to clean it. It still looks stained."

    He called back, "Mr. G (coworker) says it's too much work to switch them out. He wants to see if we can coat them, or do something else to them. He'll be the one that has to replace them."

    Me feeling like an ass, "Ok, but they've been there since I started in 2001. I think they are ready to retire." I felt like saying, I think I may be ready to retire right along with them. Not really ha! I sometimes feel like I get people more responsibility when I don't mean to. I'm just trying to get things done.

  2. Recycling has been way too hard at my work. Seriously! They act like I'm cutting off their limbs to get them to recycle. One sweet lady takes care of the cans and bottles. I take care of the paper. I was combining the paper boxes - each classroom has one under their printer table.

    I'm supposed to do it on my own time. There are times where I try and sneak to combine them. Today was one of those days. Really I was just cleaning up all three rooms: Grades off the walls, brooms, cleaners and rags all put away.

    Boss Man came out when I was doing it. He didn't seem annoyed that I was combining the boxes. He did seem a little like his pants were on a little too tight when he found out I was taking the student's grades off the walls, to toss them out. He said, "These should be shredded!" I said, "Oh I can do that if you'd like, but to be honest everyone has always thrown them out, since I started here in 2001. The student's names, and social security numbers are not on them. It's just a Student I.D. number that means nothing to anyone, but the students."

    He said, "Really?!" I said, "Really." He said, "Well I'll talk to the Director to see what she thinks." I said, "Go ahead. She tosses her grades out too. Let me know what you both decide." Truth be told, even his wife tosses grades away.

  3. The Education Director wants our spring syllabi by January. I'm trying to get them done. My co-worker got his turned in in October. He hasn't gotten his proof-read and back yet. I'm not sure what I should think of that.

  4. The Education Director said, "Did you do attendance for the last week of classes?" I think we're one of the only colleges that takes attendance - possibly! The students check in and out with a hand punch. All I can think of is gross - germs! I'll just take my own attendance thank you! They insist it needs to be done. The last week of classes everyone leaves after their test, which throws the punch way off. I don't even see the point. I did it anyhow.

  5. Travis wanted me to apply to a $250 Grant. I really wish there were examples of written grants proposals and artist statements online. Maybe there is, but I can't find them. I can find sites that talk about them, but not specific examples. I'm not saying I want to copy them. Just read them, and come up with my own. That's how I roll. I look, see draw, and totally change it into my own. I do that with writing as well. Do you roll by example? 

    I was lacking on sleep all last week. I was worried about Isaak. This week I feel like I'm getting Isaak's cold, so my thinking/writing wasn't working that day at all. It never happened. Possibly it happened, but I never submitted it. That made me so pissed. I was annoyed because Travis said, "It's so easy! I'll help you write it." Then he watched Spiderman Homecoming with the boys. It didn't just stop there. They watched all the special features. Any superhero movie is loud, then quiet, then loud again. Here I was trying to write. I wanted to scream.


Theresa Mahoney said...

How much work does it take to swap out dry erase boards once every 20 years? Geesh! Sounds like they just don't want to buy new ones.

mail4rosey said...

If it's a lot of work to switch the boards, now is the perfect time to do it since the kids are out on break. How lovely it would be for them and the teachers to come back to new boards. Just saying. :)

We were under the weather a bit here too. My youngest had the flu and got sent home from school. That's never fun. :(

All better now though, I'm so happy to say!


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