Friday, March 15, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. It sucks that my nephew Emerson (age 7) has 5 or so seizures a day. :(

    I couldn't help, but to laugh when my sister told me my nephew Edison (age 4 almost 5) fakes seizures to get attention. Even my sister found it funny at first.

  2. It's so rainy in the midwest today. I'm prewriting, so it's actually Wednesday. Expect that food prices may go up. Some farmers are having floods. We had 5" of snow, then 5" more, and now 5" of rain is supposed to happen. Between that was more rain and snow, but too hard to measure.

    Many people don't really think much of Iowa and Nebraska, but it's where much of your food sources come from. 

  3. I don't seek out watching The Bachelor. If anything I'm against the idea of it. Dating multiple people at once is a bad idea. Sometimes the TV is on, it comes on, and it sucks me in. The latest guy Colton - let's just say that I respected him for being a virgin. I disrespected the host for bringing it up multiple times like he was an alien for it. Some people do choose to wait, and that's ok. I'm sure many people that have waited don't talk about it. Therefore it's not of the norm. 

  4.  I was really excited to of gotten both of my children in the most popular camp with their cousin Elijah. It will be Mica's last year to be in it. Evan - the cousin that's Mica's age is a year ahead of him in school, so he's already booted out.

  5. My Dad got me this book The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth, hoping it would help with my allergies:

  6. The book is interesting. Some stuff I do, and would be willing to try. I'm not anti natural healing.
    I don't believe in good feng shui in your house. Ok, so the placement of furniture matters slightly. Don't put a TV where you are going to get lots of glares. Don't put something solid in front of an air vent. Does correct placement bring positive vibes? I don't think so.

    Sure essential oils are great smelling, and can be excellent to add to cleaners. Do they cure everything? They may cure some things, but not everything. 
    Crystals, rocks, gem stones, pink himalayan salt lamps all look cool, but in my mind they don't bring you positive energy, or zap out sickness.
    All the sudden Isaak found the book above. He thinks he can cure anyone of anything. 
    Isaak: "Mom I feel like I had bad breath the other day. I think I need an Oregano Oil pill." Travis and I both rolled our eyes at one another. Yes it may work, but he's believing it all! 
    Isaak: "Mom I scraped my knee. I need to put tea tree oil on it." Travis thought I told him to do that. I put a little on a cotton ball, and patted it on his knee. Maybe it will help.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I saw the flooding as was hoping you weren't affected by it. We got tons of floodwater here last year with a heavy snow one day then high temps the next. It was awful!

I am all for trying natural remedies, but I also believe in the power of pharmaceuticals too. I tried naturally healing myself with my autoimmune disorder, and while it helped with some of the symptoms, the only thing that's truly put me in remission for the time being are biologic infusions. Though, I do love breaking out the peppermint oil for headaches and cramping.

Terra Heck said...

I actually really like Iowa and hope to move there someday.
Sorry to hear about your nephew and his frequent seizures.
I watched this season of The Bachelor. You're right, they overplayed the fact that he's a virgin.


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