Friday, June 7, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Somehow I managed to not get a summer school class!

  2. I'm kind of excited. One co-worker, which I named Mrs. Clean Freak moved on. She seriously drove me batty. She was so picky about folders not being in the classroom. Folders don't belong in a classroom? Seriously! I had my moments of totally liking her too. It's just that it was hard having multiple bosses giving me things to do. Most of the time they didn't know each other was giving me things to do. Life has been happier with her gone.

    I found out that my favorite Admission Rep is taking over as the lead. I'm not super close to her. I just have a great vibe off her. She's much more open to new innovative ideas than the last one. Fingers crossed that she'll do great! 

  3. I'm the first to admit when I've been a dumb ass. Earlier this week I was in fact a dumb ass. I heard that if you soaked strawberries in a little vinegar + water they last longer. I did that. They all tasted like vinegar. Don't do what I did. I make a strawberry crisp for work + one for Travis' work. The rest went in the freezer for smoothies. Not to worry too much though. Travis went out the next night and picked a whole new big bowl of strawberries. Here I was thinking they wouldn't do well this year with all the rain. Our backyard is kind of hilly though. 

  4. I don't know if you remember when I posted about Mica having brown splotches on his skin? It started out where he had spots on his arm, then it was on his neck. It looks like it could be dirt. When I messaged the doctor's office they wanted the boys to come in for check-ups because it had been awhile. Right away I brought it up to the nurse when I took the boys in. She took note of it. Then the doctor came in, and I forgot all about the brown splotches. Then not one, but both boys fainted when their fingers were pricked, so the brown splotches were really off my mind.

    I sent a follow up email. I am supposed to let them know if it gets darker, or spreads more. It's called Cafe au lait Spots. It can just be birth marks, or darkening of the skin. What they worry about is how it can be associated with Neurofibromatosis. I think I'd be more worried if Isaak had these marks. Another sign of possible Neurofibromatosis is a birthmark on the spine, which Isaak has. Luckily Neurofibromatosis is not in our genetics. Although I know people with it. It's something to watch, but since I've taken the photo of Mica's skin his spots haven't gotten darker, in fact they've lightened a bit. 

  5. A past student had a 4 month old pass away last year from SIDS. I was heartbroken for her. This week she got in a car accident. Her van rolled onto her hand degloving many of her fingers. They rushed her into surgery to get her hand stitched up with her skin. Thankfully she has skin they could use. Now she's worried about working, physical therapy, not having a vehicle to drive. Her life is kind of a downward spiral. She has 2 other kids at home. Positive vibes are sent her way! Do you know someone that seemed to just always have unfortunate things happen to them?


Liz Mays said...

Uh oh to the vinegar soaked strawberries! I'm glad he picked a bunch more the next day!

The cafe au lait spots are really interesting. I didn't know about those!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Thanks for the tip on the strawberries. I heard it could extend the life too, so I'm glad you cleared that up!

That's heartbreaking about your student. I really hope life hands her a break soon!

mail4rosey said...

OH my goodness, one of my ex brother-in-laws was just degloved in a car accident and is going through PT. It is no fun at all. He had a huge skin graft and is doing well but it's slow going. I'm sorry to hear about your former student. :(

On a happier note I'm glad your strawberries grew so much. I think I have heard that about vinegar, but I've never done it. Now I won't :)

~ Noelle said...

so jealous about your strawberries..
we tried a couple plants with flowers and they died, so i don't know if we could do an edible garden.


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