Friday, July 12, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. A coworker I've worked with for more than 15 years is cursed to have things happen to him. When the flooding happened, his Mom's house got hit. He got sick when he was trying to clear her house out. He's had rare teeth infections. He had someone try to swindle him by telling him his air conditioner was a goner, when really it just needed a part fixed.

    His latest thing that happened: He left his Hummer unlocked somewhere in Colorado where they didn't even have 911 access. A bear opens his Hummer door, gets in and the door shuts behind him or her. It couldn't get out. My coworker was woken up by his Hummer horn going off again and again. When he got out to see what was up, he saw a bear in there. He opened the door, only to have it close on him once again. It was on a hill. He opened a different door, and the bear ran out. Inside was all kinds of claw marks, bear saliva, and bear poop. The bear pooped in his little girl's carseat. Could you imagine what the insurance company was thinking when they called?

  2. Mica went out to pick raspberries. He was outside for 45 minutes. He came back inside with 11 berries in the bowl.

    I said, "This is all you picked? He said, "I did pick more." I said, "Where are they?" He said, "Bugs started flying in my face. When butterflies started flying near me, the I flung up the bowl, and many of the berries flung all over the place." Mica's afraid of butterflies. Do you know anyone afraid of butterflies?

  3. I'm still trying to figure this one out, maybe you can help me. Isaak has 2 "friends" that have been hanging out together a lot. There's nothing wrong with that. Back when Isaak had a birthday party late May the two tried to leave before presents were opened, dessert was pulled out, and games were played. They had their own overnight. I stopped them in their tracks, and told them they had to stay for those things to happen before they went to have an overnight with each other at 2 PM. Odd!

    Last Friday I said, "Isaak I'm off work. How about you ask a friend to come over." He called one of those boys to come to hang out. Guess what? They were together. Automatically both boys came over. From experience when 3 get together, 1 always gets left out. I did my best to have things for them to do to have a good time. There was laughter.

    Dinner time rolled around. I said, "Do you boys want a brat?" They did. I asked, "Do you want to watch a show, while we eat. They agreed on Stranger Things. They both had watched it before. As soon as they were done eating they stood up and said, "We're ready to leave now. We'll wait outside." No mention of asking if Isaak could go with them. Not that he always needs to. I asked, "Why the sudden urgency to leave? Did something happen? Did someone say something?" Nothing was said back, except, "That was awkward." I told them suddenly leaving in the middle of something is awkward. I also said that it's not nice to always leave Isaak uninvited.

    When we were ready, we took them to the one boy's house. No parents were there, so I called the one kid's Grandma (his caregiver). She didn't even know they were going to my house to begin with, if I hadn't texted her. His sister was there, so apparently it was ok. She was going to talk with her grandson the following day about it all. I never got a follow up. Not that I should, but again odd. I didn't talk with the other kid's parents. His mom is from Myanmar, so it's hard to have a deep conversation with her.

    I'd drop it all. Thinking...Isaak will get better friends at his new school. BUT one of those kids is going to his new school. Isaak's been friends with these boys, since Kindergarten. Never has he ever had problems with them until recently. I don't know this because they wouldn't tell me, but part of me thinks Isaak would be more popular if he had a video game console. We live in the Dark Ages, and they only have Kindles, and a Nintendo DS. What would you do? Did I handle the situation right? My kids are really good kids. I so want them to have good friends.

  4. Bossman has never been to excited about me recycling. It eats up company time. This summer he didn't pay, for the dumpster to be cleared out. He's been all about recycling. I've taken his boxes, his daily newspaper and more. When I walked into work on Monday he had 4 big trash bags filled to the rim with paper shreds. He said I could take them. It was too much for me, and my little Civic. When he left my coworker helped me shove them in the locked dumpster.

  5. When I took a day off I knew an Amazon package was going to be delivered. I saw the truck. It popped up as "Delivered". No package. I messaged them after the 35 recommended hours. Talking to them is like talking to no one. You have 3 things to choose from every time you talk to them. They said it would be delivered by Monday. Nope! They sent a new package out. Let's hope I get it this time!


Theresa Mahoney said...

I think you handled it find. I do think Isaak will eventually drift from these friends and find his true tribe. Unfortunately, most kids experience this in school, but I do think it helps them to make better friend choices as they get older. I know it did for my girls.

~ Noelle said...

Lol, Savannah loves butterflies... She would be trying to chase them.
AMAZON - DO NOT get me started on them... They had my package delivered, I showed up, it was sitting out in the rain, I went to pick it up and the whole box busted open... all of my stuff was filled with water. I had to send it all back.


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