Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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One of my favorite places we went in Two Harbors, Minnesota was Split Rock Lighthouse

We loved the view! There was a lot to do.

We disliked that there was no places to eat anywhere near there. Their state park should invest in a lodge to eat at. Even if they'd just have sandwiches they'd certainly sell them. I think we would have stayed longer if we would have had lunch.


Adult $10
Seniors $8
Kids 5 -17 $6
Kids 0-4 FREE


10-6 Daily

First Stop:

Was to pay, for a tour at The Visitor's Center. It was so worth it!


They had a fun little stand, where you could peak your heads in. Of course, since I take 99.9% of the photos I had to Photoshop myself in there. While I was at it, I put in a few local people that everyone knows. Travis rolled his eyes and said, "Really?!" I took them out, and put in puppets.

The View from the Visitor's Center:

The Lighthouse:

I had never seen a Lighthouse (except for in movies). I was excited. I did feel like I was patiently waiting a lot. I wanted shots with no people in them. That's not easy to do.

I do wish the sky was a little more interesting that day.

See the rock retaining wall that holds the steps up? They tell you not to climb on those in the Visitor's Center. A Mom - not me, decided it was a great idea to have all her kids climb on there to take a picture. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. When it's not our place, we should respect the property of others.


The square building off to the side had a little shop. 

The Outside of the Lighthouse: 

It was pretty cool!

The Inside of the Lighthouse:

Down the Steps They Went!

Isaak said, "Why do they have 2 railings. I don't have to hold on to either of them!" I said, "Yes you do! The steps are metal, steep and slippery. Hang on!"


While we were going down the steps I could hear a drone flying around. Another one of their rules was, "No Drones Allowed!".

Backside of the Lighthouse:

Finally a little blue in the sky!

 View From the Lighthouse:


There was a house that was built at the same time the Lighthouse was built. They had it close to its original state. 

I have one of the dolls that was in their cradle.

I loved their attic stairs! That was my favorite thing about the house.

Leaving the Lighthouse:

There was a long walkway where we could travel along to see the Lighthouse from a distance, and water views. It was super pretty!

Travis and Mica kept saying, "Hurry up!" How could I when I kept getting shots like this:

Lighthouse From a Distance:

My favorite shot:

Enjoying the View:

Along the way I talked with a family from India. They know over 4 languages. They said their English was rocky. I thought they spoke pretty clear. It was fun that they traveled so far to to see what we were seeing, for the first time.

Back to the Car:

How many lighthouses have you seen? 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I got no compensation, for writing this post. All opinions are my own. 


stevebethere said...

What a fab post and loved all the photos looked like you all enjoyed yourselves :-)

That photo of you all made me laugh haha what fun :-)

Have a tanfasticle week :-)

Christina Morley said...

Wow! I love these photos! I can see why you didn't want to hurry up. I'd be taking lots of pics too! That lighthouse looks especially well built. It's nice when a family can do something together that they all enjoy. Thanks for hosting and have a great week! :)

csuhpat1 said...

What a beautiful place I would love to go there. Very nice.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sounds like a lot of rule breakers like going there.

The lighthouse shots are so gorgeous! We have quite a few lighthouses up in Michigan. I love it when they freeze over in the winter!

Veronica Lee said...

Love, love, love that photo of you all! What a fantastic place to visit, A.

mireille said...

We visited the light house in Savannah earlier this summer and the boys really enjoyed going up but it sure was windy at the top!

Ai Sakura said...

I think I've been to about 4 lighthouses in Singapore? I like visiting lighthouses too for some reason.. but I can imagine being a lighthouse keeper to be a lonely job since it's so secluded!

Our local lighthouses: http://www.sakuraharuka.com/2014/08/go-local-singapore-lighthouse-raffles.html

Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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