Thursday, August 8, 2019

Epic Lemonade Stand

We had a ton of strawberries. I didn't think they'd do well with all the rain we go. They did. Now the plants are looking fried from the sun.

We told the boys they could have a Lemonade Stand.

One Friday night Travis is like, "Let's have that Lemonade Stand tomorrow." 

I said, "Let's have that Lemonade Stand on Sunday. I think there's some preparing that needs to be done. 

We had to buy paper glasses, foam board for signs, and an extra cooler. Mica thought it would be great for me to make cookies to give people more buying options. I made Chocolate Chip Cherry Chip Cookies without nuts.

Travis and Isaak made the signs! They did a great job!

Isaak did the letters on his, but Travis helped him blow those letters up.

The only sucky thing about the signs: They did them with highlighter, and they faded with the sun.


While we were waiting for customers, we found this big hungry caterpillar in the grass. It was as wide as a Garter Snake!


It was a super hawt day. About 100 degrees, but we had a tent and lots of water to keep us cool. 


I was happy that some of my friends from facebook stopped by. Social media can be good! Each boy made $30! Some people just liked that the kids were out there trying to sell something. They gave us extra $$$. Others liked that it was for a good cause. Mica's trying to raise funds to go to Chicago with his Social Studies/Quiz Bowl teacher and a group from school next year. Money comes out of our checking account monthly, but he doesn't need to know that.

Left Overs

We didn't have a whole lot of left over lemonade left. Our neighbor came over, and handed us a $10 bill. I gave them a pitcher of lemonade.

Travis did have frozen strawberries in a cooler to make more Strawberry Lemonade. He forgot about them until the next day. We had no choice, but to can a bunch of Strawberry Jam.

Did you ever have a Lemonade Stand when you were growing up?


mail4rosey said...

I didn't have a lemonade stand. I did sell Girl Scout Cookies. :) The stand is cool and I love the cause too. Good luck to him when he goes!

Theresa Mahoney said...

We live on a court with no traffic, so the girls never got to have a lemonade stand. I am still blown away by your signs. It seems like the stand was a huge success for the boys!


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