Friday, August 9, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. We've had a ton of zucchini growing in our garden.

  2. I don't feel like PMS makes me bitchy, but it sure does give me anxiety. If I have several big things to do I just innerly freak out. I feel my face getting red and hot, and my heart pumps really fast.

    Boss man wanted me call, and set up Adobe Creative Cloud for the teachers. I had never done this before. He had very specific things he wanted. I couldn't get everything he wanted, but it was a heck of a lot cheaper than last year, and got it approved.

    The next day he wanted me to back peddle to get things even cheaper. 

  3. Some advice is worth taking. My parents have given me a lot of good advice in the past.

    Good Advice:

    1. Choose your battles.

    2. Kids make their own schedules based on what's going on in their life.

    Lately they've been off on their game.

    Bad Advice:

    1. You might want to talk to Isaak and tell him not to cry. He might get made fun of in school. - He hasn't had issues with crying in school. I didn't say it, but think it's great that he can cry in front of us. Just because he's a boy I don't want him to think he should keep his emotions in. I have to say that Mica was pretty unbearable at Isaak's age. He was pretty much a jerk. Now Isaak's at that magical puberty stage. He shows his emotions differently - with crying, and wanting to sleep. I don't know that he's worse, or better than Mica. Just different.

    2. You should probably read up on Asthma and Allergies. Start taking other things to help them besides medicine. - I didn't say too much, but in the past I tried a lot of natural things. By not taking meds I got a nose so full of polyps that the doctor had to cut out. Some of my nasal receptors went with that surgery. No thanks I'll stick to my meds. I do drink turmeric and ginger a lot + do the neti pot regularly. Those count as natural remedies. I think my doctors would agree that they want me breathing, so taking my daily inhaler when I need it is important.

  4. Mica and Isaak have started fighting over really silly things. That's when I know it's time to go back to school. I let them both pick out snacks at the store. Isaak picked out Bunny Graham's.

    Travis got a call from Mica that he was all pissed because Isaak wouldn't let him eat the snack he picked out. In Isaak's defense, Mica would eat the whole box if he's able to. When I talked to them at lunch I said, "Maybe you shouldn't get a a morning snack. You don't have one at school."

    The next day we discussed their ridiculous spat. Travis found the whole thing comical because this is a snack I used to buy them when Isaak was in preschool. We decided we'd pour how much they get into bowls. Problem solved. I really wish they'd solve their own problems though.

    I explained that this kind of fighting is normal, for siblings. Travis never fought a whole lot with his sister growing up. His sister was inside a lot, when he was outside most of the time.

    I remember having battles with my sisters over the dumbest stuff. One time I tied my younger sister into her room. She wasn't tied, but her bedroom door was tied to the bathroom and my parent's bedroom door. She could not get out. I was way to old to do that. My friend got sent home. What's a silly thing you did when you were a kid?

  5. The boy's back to school night it the same night, in two different parts of town. I knew this could happen. Mica's starts at 3:30, Isaak's starts at 5:30, so we figured we'd go to Mica's first. Then we got a letter saying they'd prefer younger kids to go earlier at Mica's school. They get what they get. Isaak's starts August 13, and Mica starts August 14. They have the younger middle schoolers go first to get used to the building. When do kids start where you live?


mail4rosey said...

BTS time here too. I'm glad and sad. I really like that time during the summer. That really is comical over the snacks. I am guessing they are going to be the very best of friends when they grow up. My 2 oldest argued over dumb stuff. They were still close, and are now too at ages 31 and 26. :)

Liz Mays said...

School doesn't start until August 26 here!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Allison and Mariah used to fight over dumb stuff too, like if we were driving in the country, they'd pretend to be eating the corn we drove by. Mariah would look out Allison's window and act like she was eating her corn, which in turn pissed Allison off to the point of tears. It was SO STUPID! But funny at the same time.

Allison still has me buy her Gerber Puffs Snacks. I guess kids just don't grow out of the snacks that they really love.

~ Noelle said...

We started back in August...
Savannah is now in K4. Broxton is 5th grade.


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