Monday, August 12, 2019

How to Make the Most of a Kid-Free Day

Having a day without kids is bitter-sweet for a lot of moms. Although there’s no doubt that you love your kids intensely, there is no denying that you could do with a break every so often. The question is, what exactly should you be doing during this break? The answer is that you should be doing things that you haven’t had the chance to do as a result of being so busy with the little ones. On that note, here is how you can make the most of a kid-free day next time you get to have one.

Consider Ditching Chores

At times, when the house is finally quiet, the first thing you can think about doing is chores. Even though that isn’t a bad idea, why not use your free time to do something that’s exclusively for you? Depending on how young or old your kids are, chores are something you can catch up on at any time.

However, if the pilling mess is making you itch, then dedicate time to cleaning up so that you’re able to relax. There is a way to cut your household chores in half, such as by dusting with a lint roller or using old newspapers to clean your mirrors.

Do Something Artsy

A kid-free day doesn’t mean that you can’t bring out the inner child in you on your own. If painting is something that you’ve always enjoyed, then get out your tools and start working on something new. You can also throw in a glass of wine and relaxing music so that you’re fully able to enjoy the moment.

Perhaps try picking up a crafts project as a new hobby. Some recommended craft kits for adults are the Paper Patter Play, Brooklyn Brew Shop beer making kit or the Winsor & Newton brush pen set.

Engage in Home Entertainment

A kid-free day is a chance to switch off all of the kids’ channels and catch up on your kind of entertainment. You could either do some reading or watch some of your favorite shows. While entertaining yourself, don’t forget classic snacks like nachos and popcorn. If you’ve got a vape, get new e-liquid flavors and mods you can enjoy via Ultimate Juice.

Have a Park Day

On days that it’s nice outside, you could go and spend some time at your local park. Get a blanket and charge all of your devices in case you want to do some work while you’re there. It’s a chance to get in touch with yourself and also reconnect with nature.

Don’t forget to do the most exciting part, which is packing a picnic basket. An ideal picnic food would be an egg & cress club sandwich as well as vegan sausage rolls if you don’t eat meat. Music could create a nice vibe for you too.

A kid-free day is a chance to relax and do things you haven’t been able to do in a while. Make it count by filling your free time with activities you enjoy.


Theresa Mahoney said...

When I have a kid free day, I like to take over the television and watch a movie that only interests me. It's nice having 2 hours to just zone out and enjoy a film uninterrupted.

Mandy said...

Great suggestions! I don't have kids, but I know on my days when I'm not watching kids, I just want to sit back and do nothing. Kids zap a lot of energy out of you.


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