Friday, August 30, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I had a past student pass away. It just breaks my heart. He wasn't ready for college when he went to school. That doesn't mean he was a bad guy. His sister went to the school as well. He left behind two very small children, a wife, his sister a young brother, and his mom. I don't know what happened, but I feel for their family! 

  2. Since school started 3 kids have died because they got hit by cars at crosswalks. One had no reason to be in the middle of the street by themselves (that one was a 1 year old). It breaks my heart!

    We had a close call. Travis is in a mini class. He got accepted into it through a grant. He had a critique of his work. He was at a stop light about to go. Someone went through a red light. Had Travis gone he would have gotten hit. With metal sculpture in his vehicle, that would have more than likely been really bad!

    Be safe! Drive safe! 

  3. I won these chocolate bars off Instagram. I wasn't expecting to get so many! For breakfast I give each of us 3 or 4 bars off a big bar. I started with Blood Orange. None of us tasted orange at all. It was still good though. 

  4. I had to break up some talkers in my first year class. It's hard because I don't like to tell my college students what to do. They are exploring adulthood. I want them to make friends. I don't want to treat them like children. But when they act like children...

    A group of 5 students were standing around shooting the breeze for an hour or more. I let it happen. Then when they got together in the afternoon I said something. I happened to notice that a girl behind them was trying to work. She had her headphones on, and looked annoyed. They just wouldn't shut up. A few of the people in the group didn't do all they could for my other class, and weren't far along in that class. I said, "Ok...enough chatting. Time to get to work." I do have progress grades. That whole group didn't get the full points for the day. 

  5. Travis decided he was going to shave his stache all strange.

    Get this...Mica's now the same height as Travis. He's 6 foot. He just turned 14. How tall is he going to get? My Dad was 6 foot 3 inches before he shrunk.


mail4rosey said...

He's 6 ft.? That's awesome! My son wants to get very tall for basketball. His dad is 6ft. so I don't know how tall he can really get. I'm glad your husband didn't get in a wreck. I'm also sorry to hear about the fatalities all around!

I hear you about the students. If you don't check it, they'll continue to take advantage, despite interrupting or disturbing those who really want to learn.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm glad you put your foot down and made them stop talking. Like Rosey said, they will keep doing it as long as they know they can.

That is so terrible about all of the crosswalk accidents. There were so many bus accidents last year with cars passing the arm rails and flashing lights. It makes my blood boil when I see that happen! How scary for Travis being so close to an accident, especially with the sculpture!

My dad was over 6 feet tall too. I got my mom's height though and never grew past 5'6".

~ Noelle said...

It is so funny / weird when kids get as tall or taller than their parents.
The boys are all over 6 feet... and Broxton and Savannah are pretty tall for their ages too.


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