Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Caring for Baby’s Bedding

Parenting can be fun. But it’s never easy, especially for new moms. Babies are known to sleep anywhere between 10 to 18 hours, making it all-important to have the perfect baby bedding for their survival. But even the highest quality bedding will never last if you don’t know how to handle them. Without much ado, here are the top 6 tips for caring for your baby’s bedding.

1. Use Baby-Safe Detergent

Every mother’s wish is to give their baby a sparkling sleeping space while maintaining their health and comfort. But unlike adults, your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive meaning, not every detergent is befitting.

Using strong cleaning agents with intense scents when cleaning your baby’s bedding is never the best option. With several detergents that are specifically designed for baby clothing and bedding readily available in the market, finding the most suitable option with low complications should be easy.

2. Use Warm Water

Using cold water to clean the baby’s crib sheets is the most common practice in many households. But is it really the best option? No. In fact, it is never recommended by health experts. Instead, you should use warm water because it disinfects the bedding besides removing the stains easily.

3. Cotton Bedding

Buying cotton bedding should be your priority as a caring mother. Why? Because cotton never holds odor like other materials. The ideal material for your baby’s bedding should be natural and durable to make it easy when it comes to stain removal during cleaning. Cotton has both characteristics. Stain removal has never been easy. But the cotton sheets can make it a lot more fun if not easier.

4. Get the Right Fit

That your crib sheet should have the proper fit cannot be stressed enough. Your chosen crib sheet should perfectly fit on the mattress with no excess fabric left. It's unsurprising that trusted bedding companies provide flexible crib sheets that cover all the edges of the sheet.

5. Always Read the Labels

Whether the pre-treaters or detergents, ensure they have enzymes. Most of the traditional fabric softeners have chemicals that soften your bedding and clothes but this doesn’t mean you will want such chemicals near your baby’s skin. Keeping that in mind, it’s all the more imperative to read the labels before making your purchase.

6. Have More Sheets

Let’s be honest here; you need more than one crib sheet for your toddler if you are going to maintain their comfort and health. Babies are known to soil the crib sheets when least expected so what happens when they do so in the middle of the night? Do you have a backup plan? The only known backup plan is to have more than one crib sheet.


Give your baby the quality treatment they deserve by safeguarding their health and comfort. Parenting has never been easy but the highlighted tips should make it a lot more fun and easier for you. Find quality queen bed frames Australia at competitive prices from reliable companies online for cheap to give your baby the best experience.

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Theresa Mahoney said...

It's amazing how dirty baby gets their bedding! I was washing the girls bedding way more than my own when they were little.


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