Thursday, September 19, 2019

Open House

I just went to his Open House last night. His teachers have nothing to say bad about him. He's able to joke around with them. Except for his Math teacher. She's all about just teaching ONLY. Isaak saw her name in Scrabble letters on her desk. He pointed to it and said, "That would be invalid. It's not a word." She said, "Stop. Ok I have to see another parent now." I was thinking, Geez lady lighten up! He calls his homeroom teacher, "Mama Stone" because she has a Family Tree up of all her homeroom students. She calls them things like, "Son Isaak". It's a joke, but fun. He's happy to play along.

His favorite teacher is his Piano teacher. I so wish he could continue Piano lessons! Maybe he will. His teacher is from Ecuador. Not that it matters where he's from. He has a slight accent. When Isaak first got him, he's like, "I can't always understand him!" He must understand him now. Isaak lit up when he went into the room, and the teacher had an energy about him. Isaak said that he tells stories. He bought a horse for his wife. When he was training it, he jerked on the horse, and shouldn't of done that. He treats his students much like training a horse. Gentle and firm.

He writes his own music, and has the kids play along. When Isaak was playing his teacher came up to me and said, "I really think Isaak is a joy. He loves music, and I can tell." I wanted to hug him.

Isaak seemed ok at school, when he was showing me around.

He actually seemed to enjoy showing me around his school.


Theresa Mahoney said...

Well pooh on the math teacher :( Hurrah to the piano teacher!

It does sound like he has a lot of great teachers, so I hope that this school year is much better for him than last.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I miss the Open House. we do have it here as well but unfortunately I was always away :(. But It's good to know how our kids enjoy school and meet their teachers as well

mail4rosey said...

That's awesome that his piano teacher and him gel well. My son's Math teacher is just like your son's. ALL business, ALL the time, period. It's not a Math teacher 'thing' though, I know one who is playful and awesome. In fact, he just pushed a kid into my class who was teasing someone in his room with a donut, as he came to school tardy that day. Like, he literally pushed him into the room from the hallway, but everyone knew he did it in fun and was just placing him where he should be. :)


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