Friday, September 6, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. On Thursday I couldn't stop crying. I guess it was just my time to cry. I haven't cried, for a really long time prior to Thursday. Sometimes one just needs to let it all out. 

  2. The school I worked at got broken into on Monday night. My bosses got dings on their phones that there was activity. They looked, and called 911. It was 5 punk kids that realized the back doors didn't get shut all the way. Possibly the cleaning lady. It doesn't matter. Anyhow all they stole was zucchini I gave my 3rd year students, and candy on someone else's desk. I had a chuckle about the zucchini. Since they were young punk kids, I can only imagine that they were being goofy with the zucchini like it's male's 3rd leg. 4 were arrested.

  3. We had a garage sale, and made over $100. After we had it we sold just about as much on Facebook Marketplace.
  4. I just wish we could sell this stove! It's an antique, and in great condition! We've used it, but it needs a new flue. With my asthma, it's not great to breathe in any smoke, even if it is limited. We really could use the room. It's in our living room. One of Travis' sculptures would look great there, so would a Christmas tree. Online it's selling for $600, and that's a beat up stove. I put ours on FB Marketplace for $500, then $400, then $300, and now $200. No one wants it.

  5. I questioned weather to blog about this, or not. I just won't, for it's own post. Isaak has a kid at school telling him that his hair is ugly. It's crazy to me because Sports Clips posted his hair on their facebook page. Two people worked on it. Isaak loved it!

    I want to scream at this punk ass kid that's making fun of Isaak. Seriously! Isaak doesn't even know his name. I can't do anything about it, even if I wanted to. This punk doesn't know all the crap he went through last year. Isaak's an empathetic one! The one friend he's made sat down with the punk kid at lunch. Isaak sat by himself. He's like me, social around people he knows, and shy around people he doesn't know. I said, "Honey you should just sit with people you have classes with."

    He took that as me being mad at him, ran off into his room and sobbed.

    We tried to comfort him, but left him be for 20 minutes. I said I was sorry, that I'm not at all mad at him. He proceeded to cry and talk to himself in the 3rd person. Things like, "Isaak stop crying!" and "Isaak you need to quit!" I just wanted to yell, "STOP! You are a good looking boy!" or cry right along with him.

    The next night math homework was what he cried about. He knew how to do it, but kept saying he didn't know.

    These crying episodes started last year. They took a break over the summer, and now they are back again.

    What freaks me out is that he doesn't know how to talk to us. He says he doesn't know what's bothering him. I know. The talking to himself in 3rd person bothers me a lot!

    I did ask his friend Daniel to come over. They had problems over the summer, but they have each have each other's back at the school where they know no one. It just sucks that Daniel doesn't have lunch at the same time as Isaak does.

    I contacted his doctor. Isaak may be seeing a Therapist soon. I at least want the school councilor to help him. It's horrible that everything is happening at once. We have the crappiest of insurance. Isaak needs braces, Travis messed up his elbow, and probably needs a scan and surgery, and now Isaak needs help with his feelings. I wish there was a video to watch, where I could snap my fingers to know how to deal with this! Worrying about him is part of why I was crying non stop! Why say anything on here? I think mental health isn't talked about enough. If someone has a medical problem it's no biggy, you talk about it. If someone has a mental health issue it's frowned upon, with talking about it. We all have lows in our life, our struggles, and we should talk about them.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I really feel for Isaak. I think some form of counseling would do him good though. Mariah has Borderline Personality Disorder and sees a therapist once a week to help her work through her issues. We've noticed a huge change in her since she started going. Leah, on the other hand, is all kinds of messed up. Has done therapy for 6 months and is only getting worse. She's not really a bad kid, she just had a LOT of issues that need to be dealt with. She goes to counseling once a week, but the doctor just put in a referral to add on weekly child psychology visits as well. It's a bit overwhelming, but I wanted to let you know that I totally understand where you're coming from with this post.

Also, I think his hair looks awesome! The punk kid is probably just jealous because his parents didn't let him get a cut like that for back to school.

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa I said that kid was jealous of his cut too. The lines are pretty much grown out now, so he really has nothing to make fun of anymore. I asked Isaak if he likes his hair cut like that. He does. It was his choice to get it cut like that.

Tonight Isaak's worked up again. He's jealous about Mica being a Paullbearer for my Grandpa's funeral. Mica was on his cell phone, when Isaak was doing his homework. He was jealous of that. Isaak was on his phone almost the whole time when we were visiting my parents, so I don't know why jealousy is even a thing.

He keeps pulling his hood over his head.

It's sad. Before last school year he was such a happy kid.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I don't know much about boys, but maybe he's going through the hormonal change and that's really messing with his emotions right now too? Hang in there. This season will pass and all will be right in his world soon enough. It's just a real pia waiting for it to pass.

Terra Heck said...

I think Isaak's hair cut looks great! You're right, mental health isn't talked about near enough. I had my own mental breakdown yesterday. There wasn't even anything particularly wrong with me. I just lost it and bawled for several minutes.


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