Friday, September 13, 2019

Random Tid Bits

I know I've been pretty absent. I'll try and pick up the blogging speed here soon. I missed Tuesday because I was at my Grandpa's funeral 2 1/2 hours away. It's been a week of getting caught back up.

  1. I learned to not miss work if at all possible. Obviously I had to miss. On Friday I left perfect instructions with another co-worker about what to cover. I had a PowerPoint on two famous designers. I also left a link to a full length movie that's on Prime (which she has), and bought microwave popcorn and kettle corn for the students. She had plenty of time to review the stuff ready for her.

    From a student I heard, "Ya she just went through that PowerPoint really fast, and didn't know what anything was." I left notes in the PowerPoint, so there really wasn't any reason to not understand some of the slides.

    With the movie I said they could work, while they watched it. I even bought boxes of microwave popcorn and kettle corn for them. She told me later, "No one watched it." Guess what? I wouldn't of given the students popcorn or kettle corn then. I must be a hard ass I suppose. I was/am annoyed.


    I've covered for many other teachers on the spot, and feel like I did all I could when I was need. I hardly miss class. I expected the same treatment as I give others. 

  2. I bought these towels at World Market. I had a GC I won, so it went towards the towels. I only use them when company comes over. Red-Orange is my favorite color, and Blue-Green is Travis' favorite color. I have plain grey ones, for all other times. 

  3. I offered to go through the remainder of my Grandpa's things last weekend. I was told, "Nope. We have it paid until the end of September, so we're taking our time getting stuff out of there." Now they decided to move that stuff on Thursday night. Wait for a weekend, when we all have more time! Travis models, and the boys more than likely will have homework, and Mica won't get home until after 6 because of Quiz Bowl practice. Now I feel guilty, for not helping. I'm getting group texts about the move. (Writing this on Thursday)

  4. I had a friend come to interview me, for a grad paper he's working on. He wanted to interview people that have had drug/alcoholism in their family. My parents drink maybe once a year, just a single glass. My older sister, who I shared a room with growing up had a lot of issues with drugs and alcohol. I covered up a lot of shit, just to not be the crappy younger sister. Kind of brought back a lot of not so pleasant memories. She's much better as an adult. Do you have/had family members with drugs and alcohol abuse?

  5. Isaak's taking Piano Lessons as a class at school. He likes his teacher. He was getting ready to play a song he wrote on his keyboard. The teacher said, "Wait a minute!" He put an app up that had a curtain draw open, and there was clapping. Then he encourage the rest of the class to clap. Hearing this made me smile.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I would not feel guilty about missing out on helping move grandpa's stuff out. You offered at a convenient time, they declined. Now they can pick up the slack.

I'd be really miffed about the sub teacher not following directions as well. I always give 100% when something is asked of me, and expect the same courtesy.

I could give your friend an encyclopedia's worth of research material. I have 3 siblings, all have hardcore drug issues. Meth, heroin and crack are their drugs of choice. I'm the proud owner of a new niece/daughter because of drugs and my grandma should be in her retirement golden years, but is also raising a grandchild because of his mom's drug use (she has had him since he was 2 months old).

An Apel a Day said...

@Theresa I thought about you, with the paper. I know you took in your niece, because of the situation she was in. I was just one of 5 people he interviewed. Mine was when I was growing up, during tween/teen years. Thankfully my parents were just fine.

Travis doesn't drink because of his background + he's made some really poor decisions while being intoxicated. There's been hard alcohol in our house, for years. He doesn't touch it. He's not super dependent on it.

~ Noelle said...

Broxton wants to take up piano... but he wants me to BUY AN ACTUAL PIANO (that we have no money to use... nor do we have space to put it)

As for taking time off... my new job is GREAT as far as time off and watching over each others duties

mail4rosey said...

I found out recently that my cousin's son died from an overdose. I was heartbroken for her. He was the same age as one of my son's. Also, my ex's niece overdosed from heroin when she was in her early 20's. My youngest and her son used to play together. I probably posted pictures of them on the blog at some point (I think once at a Halloween Pumpkin Patch for sure). His grandma on his mom's side is raising him now. It's really sad, but I know the little boy will be well taken care of now.


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