Thursday, October 24, 2019


We had conferences last week. Both boys ended up with A's and B's. I couldn't ask for better report cards.

It was the first time Isaak was in middle school, and the middle school is very different than Mica's. As much as we didn't try to contrast, and compare it was natural to do so. 

We have, and continue to find all the staff at Mica's school to be so positive!

He's the news man in the morning. He loves doing it! He's free to change up things within reason. So he changes his accent almost every time. He makes silly jokes. A sixth grader came up to him in the hallway and said, "Are you the guy on the screen in the mornings? Man you're a good actor!" It cracked us all up, when we heard that story.

His Language Arts teacher likes that he puts his personality into his work. Not every kid feels free to do that.

His Healthcare Academy teacher is all over the place, but it's only because she likes to fit in as much as she can, within reason. She gave Mica a book about Polio, that he has to do a book report on. My Mom had that, so it's interesting. In the middle of talking to her the phone rang. She's like, "Mica can you get that? It's blind people that need to be escorted down here." He got the phone, but his ditzy Mica self said, "Ok come on down to room blah blah blah." It was like the blind was leading the blind. Ha! His teacher said, "No Mica you have to get them. They can't see!"

At the end of conferences I complimented Mica's last teacher. I said, "You know what? I know you don't feel well (she had a cold), but you should be proud. I haven't met a single bad teacher, since Mica started school here three years ago. You're all good." Then I walked away.

I do wish all the students at his school knew the capacity of the teachers, and how wonderful they are! Many don't seem to be as into things as Mica is.

Mica got all A's and one B.

Just like he tries different accents on the morning announcements. He tries different faces when we go out to eat.

Isaak's school had less walking, for conferences. All the teachers had their own little table in the gym and cafeteria. One would think that would be great. It annoyed Travis. He felt it was less personable. Voices echoed badly. There were only 3 chairs at any given table, so if anyone had an extra kid they had to stand.

There's only two teachers of his that I find great! The rest are just ok. I thought I'd think otherwise, considering that Isaak goes to an art magnet school.

Travis and I wanted feedback on how Isaak works in the classroom. His life seems to be school and homework. We don't want his whole life to be like that. I was looking for teacher tips on being more productive. Like, "Rule out all the answers you know are wrong, to pick the right answer.", "Do the easy homework first, and follow up with the harder things., "Talk less." and so on. Not one really gave us any tips. I've learned more from watching YouTube videos on anxiety in kids than I could get out of his teachers. One actually told me that boys just work slower than girls. Right away I thought, bullshit! Mica hardly has homework. He's a guy. That's an old way of thinking.

One teacher asked me who he has for Math. When Isaak said, she said, "Oh..." insert awkward silence here.

Isaak's teachers weren't mean. They just weren't out of the box thinkers, like I thought they'd be. 

Top teachers for him were Piano and Language Arts. He stops Piano now, and takes Drama. They have a rotating wheel of different arts they take. Yay Drama, but pout no more Piano. They seemed to understand creative kids the most.

Isaak got a two or three A's the rest B's.

I am happy both boys are doing great in school, but worried about Isaak's work load. How can I make the boy go faster? I'm not trying to change him. I just don't want his school life to always be homework. With ACT's and SAT's time is a factor. Life doesn't stop for people that go slow. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

That would annoy me to be stuck in a gym with all of the other parents. It gets so loud in there with that many people, how can you really concentrate on what they are telling you about your child?

Glad that both boys seem to be off to a great start (minus all that homework. my girls only ever had a sheet or two a night until they hit high school).

mail4rosey said...

I have a student who is very slow in one of my classes. She is as smart as she can be, but she takes 2-3x longer than anyone else on anything, and come quiz time...forget about it. I am torn between giving her extra time when no other student gets it, or finding ways to help her move. When FSA comes she won't have the luxury of extra time. I'm going to sit and talk with her this week, and see what we can come up with together.

Glad to hear your boys got great reports and grades! The news job sounds fun. :)


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