Friday, December 27, 2019

Random Tid Bits

I'm writing this on Mon. Way before Christmas. If you celebrate, I hope you had a great one!

  1. I got so far behind in things this year! Presents are usually wrapped soon after Thanksgiving. I just do that because, for me it's nice seeing packages under the tree. I didn't wrap them until this last weekend.

    Travis cracks me up because when we first got married he was annoyed when I'd go out to buy things without him knowing what I bought. Now if I tell him he's like, "So. Why are you telling me?"

  2. He had a huge paper similar to a thesis due the week before Christmas. They gave him corrections, and the extended deadline is now shortly after the first of the year. He's still working on that paper. I'm ready for it to be over with. I'm glad he's writing, but we all have to be quiet, while he works. This hush hush thing is getting more and more difficult.

  3. I use any Santa paper - Santa on the paper, for Santa gifts. Any other Christmas paper is used, for all other gifts. Somehow I ended up with a ton of Santa paper, and have hardly any other paper at all.

    If you have kids, do you use a certain paper for Santa gifts?

  4. I drug my family with probiotics when anyone of us get sick. I open those pills, and pop them in the blender. Lately I've been making one of two smoothies: Cran-Apple, and Mango-Peach. Cran-Apple because it's just that time of year. Mango-Peach because it's a good one to add Ginger, Turmeric, and a sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper. All great for inflammation. 

  5. My seniors are the best class I've ever had. They are all getting A's, minus two drops. I walked into a class where a teacher was talking to this same class about comments on his evaluations, not being too kind. I decided to read my own. Often times I just look at the numbers. Having a comment section anytime, is asking for people to complain. Rarely do they give alternative ideas to make things better. I teach a Design and Layout class, but it's their second one. They've had two Advertising classes and one Marketing class at this point as well. I try and cover designers and what they are doing NOW, type trends, what pros think of design that's been rebranded, design in spaces and more. Some comments were, "This class should be renamed, 'Design Art History'." They went on to say I should have more Type lectures. They had a whole Typography course as well. I can take the comments.

    Some students went to Administration to complain about my final exam. They mentioned that the content wasn't relevant to the industry. It was all questions off my review sheet, they got a week prior to the test to study the review sheet. The midterm exam was very similar to the final one, and none of them complained then. In fact no one has complained about this same exam or class, for about five years. All the students still have A's after taking it. What bothers me is that no one said anything about the test to me. I feel like we were on a level, where communication is up there. The Education Director has called in others to talk to them about issues, but no I got an email from him about it. He's a short hallway to my office.

    Everyone should also understand that I missed a whole week of class, due to Jury Duty. Everything I left to have the Director go over, wasn't given to the student the same way I would deliver it.

    I wanted to send all my students in that class this card:

    Do you have any perfectionists in your life?


Theresa Mahoney said...

The shiny paper is always from Santa. I buy character paper for all other gifts. I was up wrapping on Christmas Eve. I just wasn't in a festive mood this year and waited until the last minute to get everything done.

Jason only gets annoyed when I tell him how much I spent on gifts. If he doesn't like it, he's more than welcome to take over shopping duties. That usually shuts him up lol.

I hope Travis' paper is a success.

Bummer about the bitchy students. Sometimes I think they complain just to complain.

~ Noelle said...

Hope yall had a Merry Christmas
We had a good one... just been sick :(

mail4rosey said...

Santa's gift this year wasn't wrapped, it was in a big holiday print bag with the back tire sticking out (bike). My son was thrilled. He outgrew his bike and def. needed a bigger model. He has an adult-sized bike now. :)

Sorry to hear your students complained to admin about the test. Geez. That meme sounds perfect. I have a student whose mom calls when her daughter gets a 95. How can she get that grade up? What can she do??? And then the girl starts asking me when she's in class. Lo' and behold if she ever does terrible on something; it isn't going to be pretty. :)

I haven't put a probiotic in a blender. Good thinking!


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