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Code Piano Review - Teach Kids Coding, From @LetsStartCoding! #LetsStartCoding #Coding

This was the first year Isaak didn't believe in Santa. I should be thankful that he believed, for so long. He's in sixth grade, and I stopped believing in fourth grade. I wanted it to be a special Christmas for him. I kept reminding him that the spirit of Santa is still real. You can look up Saint Nicholas, and he was in fact a real, and giving person.

One of my favorite gifts that Isaak got, was Code Piano from Lets Start Coding
I was going to put it in his stocking, but decided I wanted to make it a bigger gift than that. I put it in a big box, filled with confetti, a note in there that he'd start actual Piano Lessons towards the end of January, and wrapped it. Code Piano is a perfect stocking stuffer size.

Learning how to play the piano has been therapy for Isaak. If he gets frustrated with his homework we tell him to go play his keyboard. It takes all frustrations away. It's the only thing I've found that works to calm him down, when he's really frustrated. I knew Code Piano would be up there on his list!

If you don't like to play the piano, that's ok. It's really mostly about coding. Lets Start Coding does have other sets!
  • Code Piano $44.99
  • Code Speaker $19.99
  • Code Rocket $44.99
  • Code Car $44.99
I have to admit I was apprehensive about Isaak starting to use Code Piano. I just kept thinking, What if we can't help him? The product was new to me as well. 

If there's one thing I disagree with, it's the age range 8-12. I think it's for ages 8 and up! It would be good, for a lot of adults to use.

Isaak kept saying, "I know how to code. Let's do this." So we did. The cards can seem like foreign language if you're not familiar with coding. They are helpful when you dive in to the project.

We read all the cards, and just decided to begin. They have everything you need to get started. It will work on my Macbook from work, but not my newer laptop I own. The newer one has no USB ports. There are adapters, but as is it won't work. 

Once it's plugged in, a download comes up, for the application. That was the one thing I wasn't sure where to put the coding in. It simply worked right after it was plugging it in.

From there are tips, videos, quizzes, and sample code to use.

If you code wrong, your code highlights in red. That way you know to fix it.

Isaak started out just like me, knowing what to do, but really knowing nothing. Ha! He got lots of code that was red, and not working. Thankfully they do have a refresh button.

We left him home alone, to do his thing. He called when we got a few blocks away. "Dad! I did something! Listen!" A few notes chimed in. He called a few more times after that. He was excited about his accomplishments!

I got home, and we did our video. He learned a lot in the few hours we were gone. He still needs to learn more. If he knew everything, Code Piano wouldn't be as fun. He'd have nothing to learn.

What I really loved, was that there was notes from Isaak all over my note page about the product. He said, "Mom I had to do some math to figure out some of the coding. You need math to code." I said, "Remember that when you tell me that you will never use math in the real world." 

I'd say Code Piano is a success! It's a toy, but also a learning device. 

Questions for you:

Do you know how to code well? Do you find it challenging? 

Out of all the sets they have, Which one would you choose: Code Piano, Code Rocket, Code Speaker, or Code Car?

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 


mail4rosey said...

I like that it colors red if you mess up so you know where to fix it. This sounds really fun to me. I bet my kiddo would like it.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Coding is so foreign to me. The kids seem to catch on to it quickly though! I think this is a wonderful learning toy.


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