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7 Unknown Benefits of Dental Crown You Must Know

Dental crowns are caps that have the shape of the human teeth. They are caps that you place on your teeth for restoring the strength, size, shape, and appearance. Dentists recommend dental caps to people who have dental infections or have undergone a dental procedure. They are an effective way to act as a guard for your teeth because of the material that the dentists use for preparing dental crowns. The dental crowns fully cover the entire visible portion of the tooth that lies above the gum line, and this is why they are the best option for protecting your teeth from any problem or infections.


Dental crowns are one of the best dental accessories that protect your teeth from any kind of damage. Apart from this, here are a few reasons why you need a dental crown:

  • Dental crowns like resin crown help to protect the weaker teeth from decay, cavities, etc. They also protect the teeth from breaking and are a good option for holding together the parts of cracked teeth. 

  • They help in restoring the broken teeth or teeth that have had a lot of damage. 

  • They also help in covering up and supporting teeth that have large amounts of fillings. This is also true in case of teeth that do not have a major portion of the teeth left. These types of teeth have fillings to restore the shape and functionality of the teeth.

  • They serve an excellent function of holding together a dental bridge. Dental Bridges need support to hold on for more extended periods, and dental crowns help them by providing support. 

  • Dentists use dental crowns for their dental cosmetic purposes, like making cosmetic modifications with the teeth. 

  • They also serve their role by covering dental implants and protect them from any kind of external damage.

As already discussed above, dental crowns are an extremely useful dental accessory. Dentists all around the world suggest their use to their patients because they have a lot of benefits. The kind of protection that dental crowns provide to your teeth, no other dental accessory, can keep your teeth and mouth that much happy and healthy. Here is a list of seven very important yet unknown benefits of Dental Crowns. After reading these benefits, you will have a positive outlook towards the usage of dental crowns.

  1. COMPLETE TOOTH SUPPORT: Dental crowns are the best for providing comprehensive tooth support post all kinds of treatments and procedures. They are an excellent way to cover your teeth from germs and infections. They act as a protective shield for the teeth so that the teeth do not catch any more infections. They also provide support to damaged teeth that become weak due to decay and infections. Therefore, Dental crowns provide complete teeth support to teeth that have undergone any kind of dental treatment or surgery. 

  2. RESTORE TOOTH AFTER SURGERY: Since dental crowns provide protection to the teeth that have any kind of damage, dental crowns are also beneficial for restoring teeth after any kind of surgery. They are very helpful in providing protection and restoration to teeth post root canal surgery. Root canal surgery is one of the most painful and tough dental surgeries, and dental crowns are an excellent source to restore the teeth that undergo surgery. 

  3. HOLD TOGETHER BROKEN OR DAMAGED TEETH: Dental Crowns can help to hold together the teeth that have cracks or break due to specific reasons. The fact that dental crowns constitute solid materials or metals helps them to be sturdy and provide overall protection to teeth that suffer or are on the verge of suffering from damage. The strong outer coverage of the dental caps accommodate the broken teeth and keeps them in their place and prevent them from any further damage. 

  4. PROVIDES PROTECTION TO WORN TEETH: Dental Crowns also help to provide protection to teeth that wear out and lose their strength and also lose their tooth enamel. Dental Crowns also help such teeth by providing them protection from any contact from anything that goes inside the mouth. Since you wear a dental crown, the worn-out tooth does not get in touch with any kind of food or drink. This further helps the teeth not to get any additional infections inside the mouth. 

  5. ANCHORS THE DENTAL BRIDGE: If you have any problems that relate to a dental bridge, then a dental crown helps in anchoring the dental bridge. A dental bridge helps in filling the gaps that are inside your mouth due to missing teeth. The dental crowns support and protect these dental bridges from any kind of external damage that can occur. Since a dental bridge contains false teeth, dental crowns are caps that protect these teeth from any further infections and cavities because the dental bridge is sensitive in nature. Therefore, dental crowns are excellent sources to anchor the dental bridge placed inside the mouth. 

  6. THEY ARE CUSTOM MADE: Dental Crowns are not like other ordinary dental equipment made generally for all types of people. Dental Crowns are custom made for you according to your mouth and smile. You do not have to worry about looking bad or think before smiling after wearing a dental crown. Dentists design the dental crown after closely examining your mouth and smile pattern. They also call you to test the dental crowns. You can finalize the dental crown once they satisfy your requirements. 

  7. THEY LAST FOR A LONG TIME: The other significant benefit of having a dental crown is that they last for a long time. You do not have to worry about visiting the dentist again and again for get the dental crown as they have a long-lasting span. The materials that comprise dental crowns are very sturdy in nature and help to restore the dental crowns for a reasonable amount of time. Apart from that, dental crowns are durable, reliable, and are capable of tolerating a lot of extremities.
Dental Crowns are the best dental equipment that your dentist will recommend you to use for protecting your teeth from all kinds of decay and infections. Apart from these benefits, the dental crowns also help in enhancing the appearance of your teeth as the teeth look very healthy and strong. Since you can select the dental crowns as per your own choice, you must choose a dental crown that suits you the best and does not cause any problem to your dental health.

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mail4rosey said...

I did not realize all of these benefits. I do think the cosmetic features benefit many. Your smile matters a lot too!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Too bad they are super expensive here in the US. My dentist wanted me to get one on a molar I broke a few years back. It was going to cost $800 after insurance. I just told him to pull it for $80. He was not pleased with my decision, but it was a very back tooth that I don't even miss. I would have missed the $800 way more.


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