Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Bohemian Style:

I just got this Bohemian Stripe Knitted Cardigan Sweater. I'm in love with the Bohemian Style, so much! It's cool because there's lots of color, patterns, and can go with many things.

You can dress up Bohemian clothes with slacks, black pants, or a black skirt. It can also be worn on days where you don't want to dress up; by pairing it with jeans.

I happen to have Bohemian shoes, so I wore them with the sweater. My pants and top under the sweater were all black.

Good for Snowy Days:

Yesterday it snowed. The boys got off school, for the second time this winter, due to snow. My students had class. I really didn't want to go in to teach; it was cold, the boys were home having fun without me, and I knew many students wouldn't show up.

I actually had most of my class show up in the morning, but they trickled down to a wapping two students by the afternoon. It boosted my moral by wearing something new, and warm. The classroom I was in is always cold.

What the Bohemian Sweater is Made of: 

I’m not to fond of what it’s made of:

55% nylon
40% acrylic
5% rabbit fur

I wish companies would add less plastic in clothing, and packaging! I'm ok with animal fur as long as the animal passed away naturally, or it's being used fully. Native Americans used animal fur, but they also used their bones, their meat and so on. I hate the idea of animals being killed just so one part of them being used, for our consumption. Does that make any sense? I know only 5% is rabbit fur, while the rest is other things. What are the best things to use to make fabrics? Any thoughts?


It can be washed in a standard washer!

I actually bumped into the car yesterday when I was cleaning it off. The sweater got black snow on it. Those that live in the south, snow is only pretty, for one day. After that it's a black slushy mess; from cars, trucks, busses, and SUVs! I just washed my sleeve in the sink with a drop of hand soap, and it came clean. 

Where to Get This Stylish Bohemian Sweater?

You can get it for $145, but it's on sale for $65 at Backnear

It did take a long time to get it. I'm spoiled with Amazon Prime. I think it was worth the wait. I'll wear it a lot.

Are you a big fan of cardigans and sweaters?

Disclaimer: I got this product, for a heavy discount in order to help with my review. The company did not tell me what to say. All opinions are my own. 


mail4rosey said...

It is very pretty!! My ex in-laws are Native American and they use EVERYTHING in the animals they hunt (those who live on the tribal land and still practice the traditions, we did not, my ex was very secular). It's a little weird to see, but you're right, it's better than killing just for one thing.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love cardigans and sweaters. I LOVE the pattern and colors on this one. I bet you turn a lot of heads when you wear it.


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