Friday, March 27, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. Do you ever get that feeling that something bad is going to happen before it happens? I feel that way today.
  2. It started last night. The boys go to two different middles schools, yet in the same district. It's the biggest district in Omaha. Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska.

    At 6 I got a call from Mica's school listing off times to come get his stuff. It was like a 5 minute voicemail because his middle school goes from 5th to 8th grades; they didn't want them all showing up at once. I had to listen to it 3 times to get his Thursday, Friday, and Monday times. We landed on Thursday, but his Healthcare Teacher mentioned she wouldn't be there until Thursday night, so Friday it is.

    At 8 Travis gets an email from Isaak's school saying that we had to fill out a survey to come get Isaak's things by 8. The email was sent at 6. Say what?! A two hour window of time around dinner. Families are supposed to see this. I check my email all the time, but not then. We filled it out, and sent it by 8:30.

    I started thinking...why the rush? I get they probably want it done, but why not let us know earlier in the week? Then I was thinking too much per usual. Maybe the district knows something I don't know. We could have a state wide lock down really soon. 

    My husband thinks I'm nuts in thinking that. But nothing is too wacky right about now right? Have you had a lock down? We should have one. There are pockets of people that think this is still nothing to worry about. Maybe because our leader started this out saying it was a Democratic hoax, maybe they see our leaders all up close during press conferences like it's no worry, maybe it's because no one they know has gotten it, or maybe they figure what happens happens. Whatever the reason, they are careless.
  3. All this is getting to Mica. He saw a picture of a bunch of kids from his middle school on his insta feed. They were laughing and playing. He said, "See this is what's wrong! These morons go to my school. They should be social distancing themselves. They are going to make it harder for me to go back to school!" He's right. He can't stand when people break the rules.
  4. One thing is for sure, the US has some cocky people. They think we're way better than virus that will kick their ass, along with all their family and friends. Great! Not! The land of the free makes some people think they can do anything on US turf. I love the US. I hate cocky people.
  5. I know things could get worse. Let's hope they go up. I do believe in the yin and yang. When bad things happen, something good has to happen to balance that out.


~ Noelle said...

We are on a shelter in place order... but no one seems to be listening. I am still working since it's a doctors office (major hour cut back though) this is some scary times...

Theresa Mahoney said...

A lot of younger adults are not taking this seriously at all. My best friend is 99% sure she's been battling it for the past 2 weeks but her 18 year old daughter doesn't want to just "sit at home all day". You know, cause she has places to go and people to see *roll eyes* She INSISTS that you can't spread it unless you have the fever, so she's not sheltering in place like we have orders to do from our governor. My best friend had to tell her she's not allowed back in their house for the next month. She has to stay with her grandma if this is the attitude she wants to take over it. Last night she was posting pics on Facebook having dinner with her brother and his girlfriend at their place. Mind you, she works in the food industry too, so if she gets the virus, who knows how many people she's going to spread it to before she "gets the fever!?" It's like those dumb ass kids that partied it up in Florida for spring break without a care in the world for anyone else's health when they got back home :(

mail4rosey said...

I live in Florida. We're supposed to be locked down except for essential workers but I sit and look out my window and see people running around all of the time. It ticks me off. It's like we're all doing so much and it's in vain. Some people just really, really don't get it.


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