Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Face Covering Review

Do you think masks and face coverings help fight the spread of covid? 

I think it helps. I have both asthma and allergies, and need my lungs to be as healthy as possible. 

Recently when I went to get my allergy shots, I asked my nurse if he knew anyone with this invisible beast of a virus. He told me his son’s best friend has it. He’s needing lung support, is near death, is young, and had no other health conditions.

I do have issues with breathing at times, so things tight against my face can be a problem. I do have some solutions:

• Coconut Oil with a Q-Tip in the Nose - ok via my ENT Doctor

• More Ginger Intake - Ginger Helps With Inflammation 

• Face Shields, for People that Can Breathe Well

• Face Coverings VS Only Masks

This face covering is more breathable, then most masks. There’s over 40 designs to choose from. I chose this thinking Mica would like it. He said he feels like he’s wearing a hijab. Had I known he didn’t like it, I may of picked a different design. 

I did have trouble with it being loose on my face. A few things to try with this: 

• Wash any mask or face covering. Many shrink slightly, making them fit better on skinny faces. 

• You can twist the ear piece. 

• Knot the ear loops.

Where to buy it:

It’s $11.99 with a 10% click coupon + free shipping. 

Do you have a favorite mask, or face covering? Have you tried a face shield?


Lydia C. Lee said...

The new data (from last week) is that it reduces spread by 30% (there is some data that says 50% but 30% is the accepted figure). There was a case in Starbucks in HK where everyone got it except the 4 masked staff. And on one of the ships infected, the masks wearers got it at a greatly reduced rate to the non mask wearers (and that's in close and constant contact)

Theresa Mahoney said...

I hate wearing a mask (but do every time I'm out) but I think I would like a face covering like this so much better. Seems less restricting!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

I have been looking for a comfy one as well... but so far still stick to the surgical mask

mail4rosey said...

I bought 4 of these and then my job said we're not allowed to wear them (even the ones with a filter). Back to masks for me. Sigh. I know two people who have had it. One teacher and one student.


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