Thursday, November 19, 2020

Adulting Never Felt so Good

We sold a coffee table on facebook marketplace. It was big, and old. We bought in return a long, skinny dresser that we are converting into a gecko habitat. 

*Never mind the big stick. Travis is taking the bark off to make some sculpture thing.

It will look something like this, but not. *See the photo below. I want to get a white, or light colored gecko. Possibly in the spring. Its name will be Warhol, and it will have one of his pop art pieces in the background of the tank. He/she will have smooth Campbell Soup cans tipped over/edges smooth, for hides. I'm sure I'll tweak the color of the dresser/gecko enclosure. I'm not the type to leave things as is. I also don't mind its color.

Huge news I got the job at AIM Institute! I even filled out the paperwork. It took way longer than it should have because I called the financial guy to make sure I was filling out the W4. Man things are different with those + I just haven't filled out that many. I wanted it done right considering that this is the job I plan on retiring from. If covid wasn't a thing, I seriously wanted to hug all their team through the computer. 

They pay well + have good benefits. The best things is that I'll be doing good things in the community. It's a nonprofit that helps put technology in the hands of those that can't afford it. I'll have a marketing title, but will do writing and graphic design as well. It will be mostly remote. They are ok with me teaching a college course at a university, in the evening once a week. 

I have to break up with Williams Sonoma. That's not so fun. I'm a bit nervous. I have to be honest, I haven't broken up with very many people or places. I kind of see things through the end almost always. It's their busy time + a coworker's father just passed away. It's only part time. I thought that with being part time I'd be able to transport Isaak to and from school more. Not so. She said she'd have the schedule done two weeks prior, which she does, but she changes it. I now understand why they have so many employees working part time: They don't have to pay for them to eat + they don't have to give them health insurance. I get hangry! Closing makes me on edge. It was in my job description. At Fresh Thyme there was always two people there that knew how to close. If I messed up, another person could help. It is cool setting up their displays. That's really my favorite part of the job. 

Do you find it hard to quit a job?


Theresa Mahoney said...

I am so happy for you, Alissa. I knew something great would eventually come among for you. Before I was my own boss, I had no problem quitting a job. I always have a 2 week notice so they weren’t left high and dry except for Hobby Lobby. Worst job I ever had and didn’t feel bad walking out in the I’ll middle of my shift one day. Horrible boss and coworkers, never regretted doing it either!

Veronica Lee said...

Congrats, A! I'm so happy for you!

I only worked as a programmer for 8 years before I became a SAHM.

Looking back, I always had mixed feeling before I quit a job -- excited to try the new job but afraid that I would be making a big mistake leaving the present job.

mail4rosey said...

I think that's an awesome area for the little guys and I love the Warhol theme!! And yes, breaking up is hard to do, but you walked away with integrity and you gotta take care of you! Congrats again. :)


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