Monday, March 15, 2021

Random Tid Bits - Doctors

  1. The boy's pediatrician is moving far, far away! He's been a most excellent doctor! I'm sad we won't get to say, "Goodbye!". He's seen them through 2 c-sections, meningitis, a staph infection in the neck, many ear infections, scoliosis and more. 

  2. I decided to switch the boys to a more adult doctor; that can take us all in. I HATED my primary doctor, and have really have only seen my allergy and asthma one the last 2 years. He's the doctor where I went with a head full of polyps and he prescribed me with antibiotics and cough syrup. I even said, "There's things in my nose, and I can't get them out." After that I saw my hottie allergy asthma doctor; on my own accord. Then that doctor put me on a rigorous plan, and had me see an ent doctor as well. Then that doctor said if they weren't treated I would in fact die. He gave me the, "You might go blind, or get meningitis with this surgery...bit." Hey all I lost was smell. Where there's a negative, there's also a positive. I can now breathe through my nose! Damn right I'm changing doctors right along with my sons. 

  3. We will miss Doctor Harrison! The only reason I know he's moving is because my sister told me so. She had it worse than me, and had to find two new docs. Her Trisomy 18 kids have a lot to be covered, and her older kids are my kid's ages, so they are getting bumped up as well. 

    A most recent picture of Margaret. She's my niece that has Trisomy 18. Sadly Emerson doesn't smile at all these days. He has seizures most days. His meds make him out of it all the time. :(

  4. Doctor Harrison is the boy's profound pediatrician, and they are switching to Doctor Hare. When I told Isaak this he said,

    "What is this? Is Doctor Hare a rip-off of Doctor Harrison?"

    Ha! Possibly so. Doctor Harrison was a great doctor in the community. He along with my allergy asthma doctor; I wouldn't have traded either for the world. I even sent Doctor Harrison our Christmas cards. 

  5. I got poked many times last week. One Johnson and Johnson shot (vaccine), and three allergy shots 24 hours later. I don't mind the poking. It's the reactions that are worse than the poking.

    Vaccine: I worry about an uprise with covid because of the many people that are getting the shot. Seriously! It was packed! Very little social distancing. In Nebraska, they almost didn't take me. Yes I'm a teacher, but no I don't teach at a union school. It's hard...who decides who should get shots, and who isn't up. It was medical professionals, then older people, then people that had health risks, then first responders, then teachers (but they weren't specific on what kind of teacher would get it). They never did go back to health risk individuals. Really store workers, work more with the public than others, but who am I to have an opinion? It's a crap shoot for who is more worthy of a shot. 

    I just had a headache and a was warm. I kind of wish I had more of a reaction. Then I'd know it worked! 

    I had more a reaction from allergy shots. Man they've been bad, since I found out I'm going through menopause. Itchy throat, uncontrollable sneezes, snot just dripping from my f-ing nose, huge Popeye arms, that are red, itchy and hot! The arms stay like that for a good 24 hours. I can't even keep ice packs cold. It's horrible! Pictures show a few hours after my shots, and then five hours after my shots.

    Are you afraid of needles? That's the topic in our house lately. Isaak's afraid of them. I'm not at all.


Theresa Mahoney said...

I get poked all the time because of my IBD, so needles are a non issue for me. I had a growth on my scalp 2 weeks ago and the doctor had to put a needle in my scalp to numb where she was going to cut it out and I didn't even flinch. Allison, on the other hand, sucks with needles. Just taking her to get her flu shot is a pain in my ass because she squirms and whines about it the entire time, then complains for like 3 days afterwards as well.

Sorry you have to look for a new doc. I hate finding new docs. It's such a hassle trying to find the right fit! Good luck!

Veronica Lee said...

When I had hyperthyroidism, I used to go for monthly blood tests, so getting poked isn't a big deal for me.


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