Sunday, March 14, 2021

Hampton Kinetic Ice Review

Travis and Mica were outside digging up branches from a bush they dug up in the fall. This thing has branches that go and go. They were digging so much that they lost a shovel. 

Now Travis' mid to lower back is killing him. He always works too hard, instead of spacing out his work time. I guess I'm the same way with tasks. He gets back, neck and elbow pain from hauling things. I think we all have something. My is allergies and asthma. What health issues do you have?

Hampton Kinetic Ice to the Rescue:

Travis does do back exercises, rolls his back on a basketball, he lays down on a Spoonk Mat, and Mica or I rubs Hampton Kinetic Ice on it. 


I like triangles lately. I've been using them a lot for work. 


The bottle was covered in plastic, and foam was put on top.  Usually I don't like waisted plastic, but I have gotten products like this in the mail where it was messy because they didn't package it well. I was pretty happy with the way this came. 

The rip of the foam came from me. 

The product is clear, and feels best when it's massaged in. Some products like this has a residue when it's put on. Not this. It does have a menthol scent. 

This product is fast acting, has cooling relief, is not sticky, fast acting, and made in the USA. 

Where You Can Get it:

You can pick this up on Amazon: for $29.95, and get more of a deal if you buy more than one. It's get 3, for the price of 2. 

I feel like a 4 ounce container goes a long way! The deal they give is great for getting yourself one, and others gifts. 

Disclaimer: I got this product for free or a discount in exchange for an honest opinion. All opinions are my own. 


Theresa Mahoney said...

I also overwork myself and end up sore. I bet this would help my current elbow pain (I've repainted most of my house this last week and am SORE!)

Veronica Lee said...

Sounds like a great product, A!

mail4rosey said...

My son has just been diagnosed with allergies. He had a runny nose for awhile and the doctor sent us to an ENT who said lil man has them. We're working through it. LOL on the name punny. I think your niece is adorable. How do you know which brand of shot you are getting? Do they tell you?

mail4rosey said...

I wouldn't mind having this on hand for the just in case (and there's always a just in case).


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