Sunday, March 21, 2021

Random Tid Bits

  1. I asked Mica to sweep his room. A long time went by; I asked, "Mica did you sweep your room yet?" He said, "Ya I did that already." He brought the broom back, but he had no dirt to toss. I said, "Please don't tell me you threw your dirt away in your basket that filled with holes?!" He had a super guilty look on his face. I said, "Mica I've brought this up to you before. The dirt goes right through the holes." 

  2. Isaak's been much better, since we've sent him back to school. He's only been in school for 2 weeks. Spring break fell in there as well. He brought his grades up, made a few new friends, made a new crush, and just overall seems happier. 

  3. One week I went to get Isaak from school. He told me all about how he sent out an email to all his teachers. It was a - Thank you for all you've done this year. I know it's been hard, but you're a good person. If you are ever feeling down there are people that care about you. kind of email. Isaak's always been a caring person, but I haven't seen this side of him, since the pandemic hit. 

    I love Isaak's teachers this year. Certainly his note of kindness was worthy. In 5th and 6th grade he had some rough teachers. I'm glad when he needs them the most, they are good. 

  4. I went to pick up Isaak from school last week, and there was a big wait in the pick-up line. Cars were moving, but there was a car that wasn't moving at all. I'm not a honker, but I honked. Then when I noticed cars were backed up in the busy street I went around. Go figure the Mom or pick-up person had fallen asleep. I hoped she had the car in park. Ekkk! 

    We got home and Isaak had someone else's device in his backpack; along with his own. Double Ekkk! I called the school, no one was there. Isaak emailed his teacher, and he emailed back saying not to worry about it. I just envisioned this kid being worried, or getting his ass kicked. 

  5. We've been playing Hearts a lot. It's one of Travis' favorite games. I like most games. I'm not sure the boys love it though. What's your favorite card game?


Theresa Mahoney said...

Yikes to falling asleep in the pickup line. I bet the mom was super embarrassed.
We're still on hybrid learning here, so I never see cars at the school, though I still have Allison on e-learning, so she only has to go in for big tests that can't be done online.

mail4rosey said...

I'm glad your son is doing better. Also, good teachers matter a lot! My favorite card game is Uno. I like many games though (cards and board).

mail4rosey said...

P.S. Love your son's gold cards!!


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