Friday, March 26, 2021

The ultimate guide to buying glasses online

After a year of staying at home and shopping online, we’ve all become experts at finding the best deals on the web. But one item that still seems risky to buy online is glasses. What if you don’t like the style, or the prescription is wrong?

Here is the ultimate guide on how to buy the perfect pair of glasses online.

Face shape

Whether you just need to buy reading glasses, or want a brand-new pair of prescription specs, finding the perfect style can be tricky.

While you’ll need a proper eye test to advise you on the right prescription, no one can actually advise you on the right frames. To make this even more difficult, online glasses retailers have a larger variety than any physical opticians you could visit. And without being able to try on a million pairs before making a decision, how do you find the perfect pair for your face?

Those with rounded faces always look great in more square or rectangular specs. They create a bold statement and add angles to the face in all the right places.

If you have a strong, square jaw line, you would benefit from a pair of oval or circular glasses. These soften the shape of the face. Combining a round set with a bold frame color will also balance out the proportion of facial features.

Oval-shaped faces have full reign. They often have perfectly proportioned faces and as such, should look for a pair of glasses that isn’t too big or too small.

Lovely heart-shaped faces work best with a bottom-heavy pair of frames, or completely rimless options if you’re a little shyer about your features.

Although this is a general rule of thumb, it largely depends on whether you’re confident with your face shape, or want your glasses to balance out your features.

My Glasses Had to be Replaced Because They Were Old, and Filled With Scratches

The frames

While the above advice determines the shape of the lens, you’ll also need to consider the frames. Luckily, this is all down to personal taste. You might want a standout set to add personality to your work uniform, or a trendy pair that serve more like an accessory than a functional piece.

Colors should complement your style, as well as your hair and eye color.

Comfort features

Lastly, look out for features that you know are more comfortable. If you have to wear glasses every day, comfort is incredibly important and can’t be remedied after purchase.

Straight temple glasses are ideal for everyday use. These frames don’t curve completely around the ear, but gently hug the head to keep them in place.

Rubber nose pads, or adjustable options, will prevent the frame from rubbing the skin on your nose. If you’ve ever lost a nose pad on your sunglasses, you know how this feels... not good.

Finally, the bridge fit of the glasses is worth further research. A bridge that’s too wide will inevitably keep slipping down your face, while one that’s too small will cause discomfort.

My Niece Miss Margaret had to Get Glasses as Well


Finding the perfect glasses online can be tricky. Some brands offer a “try before you buy” option, where you can try frames that have been delivered in the post, before making your decision. Other sites allow you to try them on virtually using an integrated camera. But, generally speaking, the decisions are all down to you and what you like. Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll look beaut!


mail4rosey said...

I like the try before you buy option with a photo. It really makes a difference. Your niece is super dee duper cute.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I hate picking out frames in the store. I like the idea of trying them on through an online camera more. Especially since Covid, I don't think I'd like to put a bunch of frames on my face that strangers have also tried on.

Veronica Lee said...

A very helpful post, A! I've never bought glasses online!

Awww! Miss Margaret is ADORABLE!


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