Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Warhol Went on a Trip

I play with our gecko Warhol almost every evening. He started doing this thing where he comes to the door if he sees me. He's like a dog that wants to be played with. 

If I open the door, he's right there.

Cute: Yes, but I messed up and left his front doors open on his tank. 

I fell asleep, and woke up to Isaak freaking out. "Mom! What did you do? Warhol's tank is open, and I can't find him anywhere! Where is he?" 

I was half out of it. 

Mica was looking all over the living room for him. Isaak was looking in the kitchen. 

Mica said, "Isaak why in the heck are you looking in there. He couldn't of gone too far!"

Isaak thank goodness found him. He was under Mica's chair in the kitchen. My little gecko wanted to travel. Who can blame him? So do I. 

I'm so glad he was found!

Sunny's tank has been left open as well, but he has a top tank. Leopard geckos climb, but not up on the glass. Sunny couldn't get up to the top of his tank even if he wanted to. 

Have you ever lost a pet? Did you find him or her?  


Terra Heck said...

Warhol is so photogenic! Glad y'all were able to find him.

mail4rosey said...

We accidentally let my sister in law's cat out and we were so panicked. We combed the neighborhood for 3 days and finally found him on her back porch hiding behind a door she had off the hinges and stored out scared. We were so so so happy to get the cat back and my SIL was too.

mail4rosey said...

I'm glad you found him. It's cute that he comes to play with you. :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Glad you found him! It's terrifying when you lose a pet! I've never lost one for more than a few minutes. My female boxer thought it would be fun to sneak out the front door and hide in some bushes in our front yard, then watch me frantically run around the yard yelling for her. She was the master at hide and seek that day. Such a turd!

Azka Kamil said...

great your post

Theresa Mahoney said...

I was sure I commented on this one. Anyhow, glad you found him! The heart really does race once you realize your pet is missing. We have a new kitten and I swear I spend half my day looking for her these days.


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