Monday, October 11, 2021

Have You Ever Felt Judged for What You Felt Was Right?

A place I was at on Friday - I made a comment about a guy that was whistling. I said happily, "I always wish I could whistle like you can. I tried so much when I was little, and I just never could put together a tune." His response, "Maybe if you take that mask off you could." One person nearby started laughing and said, "That was good!" 

Here's the thing...they don't know me. I have two relatives that have compromised immune systems from Trisomy 18, I have parts of my nose that is missing from a nose surgery, asthma, allergies, a close friend that just passed away from Covid leaving a 14 and 17 year old behind, and many family members that were or in some cases are nurses that stand with science. I'm wearing that mask for others really more than myself. 

I'm not a Karen that says things like, "You know you really should wear a mask." I just walk around with mine on. I know I can be a carrier no matter what. If my kids have to wear a mask to school, Travis has to wear a mask at the dental lab he works at, I feel that I should do the right thing and wear one too. 

So far I haven't had to get a Covid test at all. I hope to stay that way, for as long as I can. 

I can't shake this feeling that I'm being judged for wearing a mask. Was that comment, or the giggles after necessary? Am I just being too sensitive? To me jokes can be funny, but that didn't humor me. It made me feel bad, for doing what I feel is right all weekend long. 

I found this campaign. I thought it was pretty good concept wise. Even if you aren't a masker. It still has a great idea that's taken in to more than one piece in the campaign. The client is Mucinex. 


Veronica Lee said...

That guy was a jerk! Ignore him.

Masking is mandatory over here in my corner of the world but even if it wasn't, I would continue to wear one until the pandemic is declared over officially.

Theresa Mahoney said...

What a dickhead kind of thing to say, especially after he got a compliment. I'm glad to see that a lot of people here still wear masks in public. I admit, if I'm outdoors I do not wear mine, but indoors in tight spaces, yes because people don't believe in the 6 foot rule and will breathe down my neck. The only time I get upset when someone isn't wearing a mask is at my infusions. We are all in a locked space with strict guidelines on who can come in because we are all there because of compromised immune systems. Parents have to accompany their minor children and it pisses me off when the parent doesn't have a mask on, but the rest of us do. Like get a clue! Still, I would never say anything to them because it's not my place. If the nurses don't correct them, I don't have much chance making them put one on.

mail4rosey said...

I wear mine everywhere, including to work. We have no choice but to wear it work, but I'd wear it anyway. If someone is rude enough to say that, it's better that they were in and out of your way quickly. Who needs that around any longer than just passing in the store. phft to the busy bodies who judge based on their own opinions alone.


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