Thursday, October 16, 2008


  • The cute little baby below has been nothing but trouble for us Mon and Tues nights. Until last night. He changed his colors. Mon and Tues he was up 4 or 5 times. Last night I caved and gave him cereal for the first time. I wanted to wait until he is closer to 6 months, he's only 5 months. They say it's better to wait, but I got the ok from the doctor the last time we went in, he has been eyeing us at supper time, getting fussy at supper time and not sleeping at night. I figured there were enough signs there to go ahead and start him. Plus maybe it will help with his spitting. HE LOVED IT! He ate all his cereal and wanted more, Travis gave him more, he still wanted more, but we called him DONE. He got some milk to wash it down. He sort of lunged into the spoon, as if to say, "I want more damn it"!
  • We had a pretty good night sleep. When he woke up I gave him his pacifier to sooth him instead of nursing him. I read that it's better to do that because babies start to associate night time with eating when it should be a day time thing. It just seemed so natural to feed him because I have built in bottles and work full time during the day. But soothing him with the paci was nice because he went back to sleep so fast. I wish I would of tried this with Mica.

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