Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flu Shot's

  • We all got our flu shot's last night (except for Isaak, he's too young). Mica kept asking what we were doing? I just told him we were going to get stung by a needle. Travis and I went first, then it was Mica's turn. I wanted him to go last because if he did start wigging out, we could get the heck out of there. He flinched, so the guy had to stick him twice. Tears were rolling down, but he wasn't too loud. He got a sucker, and while crying said, "Thank you". He was a little trooper.
  • He wanted his sucker right away, but we made him wait until today. He woke up this morning asking for it. That boy has too good of a memory. He gets it this afternoon.
  • There were two older people talking to us before we got the shots. They were talking to us like they never get to talk to anyone. I feel bad because I just wanted to get the paper work filled out, get the shots and get out of there because it was close to bed time. They were asking if we were giving Mica the flu mist, instead of the shot? I'm not sure if he can have the mist, so the shot is what he got. I must be a mean mom because my kids getting shots doesn't much phase me. I've seen them both get really sick, and if a shot prevents that, then I'm all for it. I still comfort them, but I don't feel too bad for them. I think getting allergy shots for years, and giving the boys home IV antibiotics made me toughen up a little on pain.

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