Thursday, October 16, 2008


  • Mica just started preschool this year. He hid behind the door with his hands over his eyes for the first day. We just had his conferences. It was pretty interesting to hear what they had to say. He talks about all these girls from preschool, and they told me that he really only plays with Evan his cousin. They couldn't believe he knows all his colors, numbers and letters. I can thank Wheel of Fortune, Word World and Super Why for that. I also read to him a lot, and did flash cards. He's known that stuff for about a year.
  • We do need to work on cutting and gluing. I guess he lacks in those departments. He also doesn't participate in groups well. That will just come with time. I guess the first day he got up and started playing with toys during a group activity, and now he sits in the group, but looks around. I told the teachers that he's bound to be a little off with two artists as parents. He doesn't get into art at preschool. He's more into the puzzles and blocks. He likes music a lot I noticed. I bought him a toy guitar for Christmas because that is what he asked for. So maybe he'll be a different kind of artist.
  • They also mentioned his love for peacocks. He went on and on about how there is peacocks on the farm when they went on their field trip. My sister had to, "Shhh" him because there were no peacocks on the farm. He's always liked them, not sure why. They are pretty. I got him this puppet for Christmas because he likes peacocks so much.

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