Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swimming Lesson

  • Mica had his first swimming lesson with my niece Kailey last night.
  • She's planning to be a life guard next year, and is a great swimmer! I told her to try one session out with him first to see if she'd even want to do it again. She does. So...we'll pay her what we would for him to go to regular swimming lessons. I'll have to call around to see how much they cost.
  • She said he did really well! He kicked, put his face in the water twice, and she got him to go off the diving board twice.
  • The diving board took awhile. Then he wouldn't jump off to show his Aunt Angela when she got there. That totally didn't surprise me. He went down the slides at the Gene Leahy Mall twice by himself, then wouldn't go again.
  • While Mica was at swim lessons we took Isaak shopping for Mica's birthday. We got a coupon from ToysRUs for a free Thomas wooden railway train under $12.99. We got Sir Topham Hat in his car. It was hard choosing. We also saw an orange train, and Mica fav color is orange. I thought Isaak could give this to Mica on his birthday.

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