Sunday, July 26, 2009

Directions and Me Don't Jive

  • So...we went to the zoo this morning. This is the first time I took the boys myself. Guess what? I went downtown instead of taking the branch of the interstate to go to the zoo! I was on the phone with Travis awhile before I got turned around the right way. I so blame it on the directions I got because the numbering was different on the directions, but yes I should know my way!
  • I hate directions! I'm so bad and I'm the first to admit it!
  • Travis is so good with them! A big thank you goes out to Travis for helping me out!
  • I used to think when I was young that every downtown was south. On every map south points down, therefore it's only logical for downtown's to be south. This is how my mind works - LOL. Don't understand me? I don't blame you. I don't understand me either.
  • I never wanted to drive when I turned 16 because I was afraid of getting lost.
  • I'm so glad Mica has Travis' feel for direction. Whenever we pass any one of my aunt's house, or anyone else he knows, he knows they live there. He says, "Can we go to Aunt Marsha's house?" This is the area we are in the most around town.
  • I think something is really off in my mind with directions. I was tested for a learning disability when I was in college. I have one. Not sure what's it's called. I try not using it as a crutch. I do really think differently then a lot of people though. In college I even drew perspective right, but from the wrong angle of where I was sitting. I'm a strange bird.

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