Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zoo Again

  • Travis took the boys to the zoo again yesterday, while I worked.
  • They went to see the aviary. Mica's fav animal is the peacock, and we've never taken him into the aviary. We've just seen random peacock's walking around. I guess he really liked the flamingo's. They did see lots of peacock's outside the aviary with peacock babies (how cute)!
  • They went into the petting zoo. Isaak pet some goats, but soon wanted to pull on their fur.
  • They also went into the new Butterfly exhibit.
  • Later they met up with some more of my family.
  • Grandma Spiehs paid for them to go on the new sky lift. Thank you Grandma! I'm glad it was Travis and not me taking them on the ride. I just don't like the idea of holding Isaak on rides! I'm a wimp! Isaak fell asleep in Daddy's arms one way. On the way back around Mica talked about taking off his shoes, so Isaak was trying to remove his shoes. Stinkers!
  • I'm so glad we have a great zoo right here in Omaha. We do have an admission fee. If we didn't, I'm sure we'd be paying for it in our taxes. It was so worth it to get a zoo pass for the year!

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