Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bummbed Today

  • I found out one of my students isn't coming back because she has breast cancer! She's in her 20's. Such a great student always smiling! :) It makes me feel like crying. :(
  • Then I got a letter from another student asking for advice about not being able to come back to school because she can't get any student loans. She's another great student! Loans are hard to come by this year! All the student's need co-signers from someone that has good credit, plus a well paying job. This is incredibly hard on students that have single parents. I'm really sad for her. I tried to give the best advice I could. I actually forwarded the letter over to my boss, so that he could tell me what I can and can't say. Since I'm a teacher and not part of financial aid, there are certain things I can't say. I hate this financial crisis our world is in! :(
  • Then one of my old students that now is a co-worker told me that she is again being stocked by her child's father. This has been on going for her. She is such a great mom. It saddens me that he won't just leave her alone! She has a restraining order against him, but now he's stocking her on cyber space. :(

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