Friday, August 7, 2009

Earth Mamma Angel Baby Organics

  • Thanks to Jolly Mom I got to see how my shampoo and conditioners rate on a safety level.
  • Seeing that Mica and Isaak both had bad eczema on their heads after their heavy doses of antibiotic's they had for their illnesses; I was pretty concerned as to what to use on their skin.
  • This site allows you to type in any product that goes on your skin; then tells you how bad or good it is for you. I encourage anyone reading this to try it out.
  • Just type in the product on the main page under search. It will come up and tell you how good or bad for you it is. Then if you click on the product it will give you a detail of the ingredients. It's pretty interesting.
  • Surprisingly Burts Bees was on the moderate side, it has some fragrance and cancer causing things in it. That's what we use on Isaak. You think as a parent you are doing all that you can for your kids. Not always so.
  • The site Earth Mama Angel Baby has all natural products that are what they say they are, natural.
  • I'm just as much concerned about the water we shower in as I am about the products we use to clean ourselves with.
  • There are times where the shower water hurts my eyes, and I come out of the shower and my face is bright red. I thought it was something I was using, but it was inconsistent. My sister Terra told me that they sometimes put bleach in the water. The bleach levels are higher sometimes, and lower others. This is not too good for people with eczema problems.

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