Tuesday, August 4, 2009


  • I got home after a crazy dentist trip with two kids who didn't take an afternoon nap, and my hands full.
  • I set everything down, and right in my face is Travis' lunch I set out for him to take in the morning to work.
  • I asked him about the lunch? He said that he didn't know it was there, that I shouldn't set anything out for him, and that he doesn't know why I do. He took something else in the fridge.
  • When I don't set something out for him he has a few times forgotten his lunch all together.
  • I even remembered asking him in the morning if he wanted a piece of cake in his lunch? I also asked him if he had a fruit at work? He was told that his lunch was set there.
  • I was beyond irritated because I almost always set a lunch out for him in the same spot I left it. I was so annoyed I was about ready to eat it myself just to not waste food. That's how irrational I was. Travis grabbed it, and started throwing the food out. He even threw out the perfectly good piece of cake (just not thinking).
  • Cake is not good for us anyhow, but that tipped my anger even more. I so wish he'd remember things more.
  • He then wouldn't talk to me. All I wanted was help to get things done. Not to make dinner, but to change Isaak's diaper and put things away. That kind of help.
  • I asked him to change Isaak's diaper and he did without a word. Then I couldn't resist. I tried, but the words came out, "Don't forget to put a new diaper on him". So mean of me. Those words just had to slip out.
  • I have to remember that his parents nicknamed Travis "Senile" as a kid. He didn't even know what that word meant. Still to this day he forgets things.

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