Saturday, November 28, 2009


  • The boys have been trying our patience the last few days!
  • Mica has been telling us he's full after he eats only his fruit for all his meals. I was thinking at first that he just isn't growing. Then all the sudden he says he has to go poop, and he comes back hungry. Today I made him go to the bathroom before he started eating even though he said he didn't have to go.
  • With Isaak I've been laying him down for a nap. He's been throwing out his pillow, blanket and glow worm. I hear a giant thud sound when the glow worm hits the ground. I go to check if it's Isaak that fell, and there he is standing up in his crib, his stuff is on the ground, he has an evil smile on his face like he's thinking "Ha Ha I got you to come in here" and his room smells like poop. I change his poopy diaper, and he tries kicking me the whole time.
  • At lunch time today Mica and Isaak kept pushing their sleeves back down after I just got done pushing them up. Both of them ran their sleeves through their food. Isaak's been chewing his food then he lets all his food fall out of his mouth. I handed him his milk that he wanted after he said he was done, and he threw it across the table. I picked him up and put him in bed.
  • They are so trying our patience!

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Anonymous said...

it is spelled, patience
not patients


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