Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Impressed!

  • I took the boys out to get some candy corn. I need some candy corn to decorate cookies.
  • Mica's been kind of snotty today. I put him to bed a little late last night because we were watching a movie. My bad with that, his bad with being snotty.
  • He gets so snotty when he's tired. He's one of those kids that needs a lot of sleep. Sometimes he's just really a brat when he's tired!
  • Today was one of those days!
  • When he says something rude to me I'm mad at him; when he says something rude to someone we don't even know I'm down right boiling. This does not happen except for today. Sure sometimes he cuts people off in the grocery store because he's walking too fast, but he's usually pretty friendly. A good kid.
  • I'm almost embarrassed to say what he said. He asked a lady, "Why are you in that thing"? She was in a wheel chair. She explained that her legs just don't work. Mica said, "Ya whatever". I was boiling. I covered a little by saying, "Mica Grandma Spiehs has to get surgery on her ankle, and will have to wear a special shoe." Mica replied, "Ya whatever".
  • To be honest I wanted to slap him in the face. I didn't of course! The lady said, "Man he really knows how to bring a lady down". I was so embarrassed!
  • In the car we had a talk the whole way home about people that are different, being sensitive to other people's feelings, and his bad behavior.
  • I work with a couple people who think that you just can't talk to kids. Spanking is the only way. I don't believe that. Mica feels bad when I'm upset with him. My kids have always responded to time outs too.
  • He told me that he'd love to be in a wheel chair, so that he wouldn't have to walk. He said, "I can fly around in a chair with wheels". I just don't think he gets the severity of some people's problems.
  • I remember when my niece was about Mica's age. She said to my sister, "Look Mommy that man is fat"! My sister tried keeping her quiet. My niece repeated it over and over again. Then my niece said, "Mommy I love my Grandma and she's fat". They just don't get that line between fact and rude.

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