Friday, December 11, 2009


  • I picked the boys up for Isaak to have a doctor appointment yesterday.
  • Both of them were grumpy! It works best with my work to have doctor appointments at the end of the day, so it doesn't get in the way of classes. This does get in the way of nap time.
  • Mica told me, "I'm going to tell Doctor Harrison how I'm grumpy".
  • Off to the doctor we went. Mica reminded me, "Mommy don't turn on Harrison Street". Last time I turned on Harrison Street because I had Dr. Harrison in mind. Mica's so smart sometimes. I couldn't believe he remembered that!
  • When we got there they had a huge blow up reindeer carousel. Mica was excited.
  • Isaak spotted the chalk board. He mimicked the other kids by making chicken scratch writing on the board. It ended with the chalk in his mouth. He cried when I took it away.
  • I had 4 pages of answers I had to fill out for my 18 month old. I was trying to fill that out, watch my 2 kids, and the kids kept coming up trying to steel my flower pen. When I got into the office, they asked me most of the questions that were in the paperwork. I wondered why I had to fill it out anyhow.

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