Friday, December 11, 2009


  • Isaak's doing well health wise. He's above in talking, which in my mind I felt like he was behind since Mica talked really well. Isaak says roughly 20 words, when they only expected him to say around 10 words. He says little 3 words sentances.
  • He was jumping for them when the doctor came in the room, and was getting off the ground. It's funny seeing a toddler jump with just a diaper on.
  • Isaak was afraid of the nurse, and loved the doctor.
  • His height is 33", which puts him into the 64%. He is 23 lb 3 oz, which puts him into the 13.50%. His head is 46 cm, which puts him in the 7.73%. So...he's long and skinny just like Mica.
  • They are glad his head didn't grow from any lasting effects from the meningitis he had.
  • The doctor doesn't seem worried about his bow legged issues. The doctor said, "He'll grow out of it by the time he's 4".
  • He is getting baby eczema back again since the weather has gotten so dry. He gave us a few tips for that too.

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