Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kid's Meal Toy

  • Mica got this toy in his Kid's Meal at Burger King.
  • I thought it was very fitting to go to Grandma Spiehs right after surgery.
  • It's this older lady that jumps rope across the table or floor. We have an odd sense of humor in my household.
  • This last weekend Mica talked to Grandma Spiehs on the the phone. The conversation went like:
  • Mica: Grandma I want you to come to my house to help me find You Who (which is some character from Team GeoTrax).
  • Grandma: Mica, Grandpa has the car today, so I don't have a way to come to your house.
  • Mica: You can walk.
  • Grandma: I can barely walk around my own house, I can't walk to your house.
  • Mica: You can walk for three days.
  • Grandma: Three days is a long time and I can't walk for that long.
  • Mica: I have an idea! I can take a car to come and get you; I'll tie my rocket on the back of it. It will blast off and go really fast! (He of course was full of sound effects during this part).

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