Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

  • This morning Mica helped me make homemade waffles. It was nice that he helped me before Isaak woke up. Usually Isaak steels Mom's attention from Mica in the mornings.
  • I told the boys that I saw Valentines in the Pilot. Mica swore that he could see them too. There is no way that he could see them because they were sitting in the seat.
  • I got them each a heart shaped box that had three chocolates in them. One box had Charlie Brown on it and the other one had Snoopy. Perfect size for little kids.
  • Daddy gave me a card with earrings that he made!
  • I took the boys out to Toys R Us. We got a gift for one of Mica's classmates and both boys got to pick out something small with Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' $10.
  • Mica wanted $50 items, so he had a temper about it. He slowly came to his senses. He just doesn't understand what's expensive and what isn't. In the past he thought we could just borrow things from the store. In the end we got a Optimus Prime Transformer. I'm glad we got this because he's been playing with it all day. It's easier to transform then his Bumble Bee Transformer.
  • Isaak picked a Duplo mail carrier set. It has a mail box, package, postal man that fits on a bike. He too played with his when I got it out of the box.
  • We got Mica's preschool friend an Ariel doll and a Hello Kitty flashlight that projects images on the wall. It's been a long time since I've gotten a little girl gift! I of course got a gift receipt just in case she already has this doll. Mica picked her out. He's asked for this doll and Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs before.

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