Thursday, March 18, 2010

Picture People

  • I took the day off today. Daddy has a one day art show today that my friend's Mark and Andrew invited him to put some of his work into today. He was getting ready for that, and I decided to take Isaak to get his pictures taken.
  • Later on I'm getting both boys together. Then in August I'm taking Mica to get his pictures taken.
  • The first two are the one's I got. I thought Daddy would like the football one. I got the chair one because that's the one I like. The chair one is the one I got for family.
  • There were about 3 or 4 pictures of Isaak that were cute, but Isaak had a funny smile. He was biting his lower lip.
  • Then these were others that I like, but didn't get.
  • I kind of hate going by myself, and deciding. It's so difficult. A few times I came home with photo's and Daddy was like, "Why did you get that one?" I'd much prefer a second opinion.
  • I base my decision on how his hair looks, shirt and collar are laying, composition and of course his expression. His hair kept getting staticky because it's so fine. A huge pet peeve of mine, it that sometimes picture places like to put their toes right on the edge of a photo.

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