Monday, March 15, 2010


  • I woke up to Mica talking to Grandma Apel. He was telling her something about how he is glad that Mommy is married to Daddy. This was he can marry me next. I'd quote him, but I'm not sure of his exact words.
  • Mica kept calling Grandma Apel, "Aunt Apel" off and on. I kept correcting him. I explained that he calls Uncle Eric, "Aunt Eric" sometimes.
  • I got to meet Daddy's Aunt, cousin and her kids that day. They all seemed very nice. Aunt Laura came over with cousin Payton too. This is when I should of gotten out the camera, and I totally forgot!
  • Mica was sitting with some of the kids, and one of the girl's that is 4 was whining for more chips. Mica said, "Man...I've never met a girl that whined so much". Grandma Apel thought it was funny. Then of course Mica was crabby on Sunday.
  • Isaak sat at his own little table all gentleman like. I explained to Grandma Apel that Isaak is not always that good! A lot of the time he throws food at the table. I'm glad he was good that day!

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